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We got a request for some pictures showing the PennDoT logo that started in the very early 1970's and ran until about 2000. This logo coincided with the change to PennDoT from Pennsylvania Department of Highways. The change reflected the inclusion of rail and air traffic along with highway concerns in one transportation budget. Here are some pictures with a little background on the units.

Former Indiana County Pa snow blower

This truck now resides in Waterford, Pa and is part of the Albrecht fleet. It has a Waukesha gas in the chassis and a 235 Cummins running the Sicard in the back.

PennDoT logo

This is the best picture I have of the logo in question. Note the Stephenson Equipment logo on the side. They were a long time dealer for Walter trucks. I got a nice guided tour of the Harrisburg Airport's snow removal fleet a few years ago thanks to my friend at Stephensons. It probably deserves a page here to show the great plow fleet maintained at that location.

Clarion County FWD

This former military snow fighter features a 350HP Detroit/Allison combination in the chassis, a 600 HP Caterpillar V-12 running the 10" wide blower head.

Walter with DT-466 power

This truck was in Crawford County, Pa. They did a nice job replacing the original Waukesha gas with an IH DT-466 coupled to the Walter 12 speed snow blower transmission.

Erie County, Pa Sno-Go

This machine was flown in to Erie airport in the middle of the '76-'77 winter and not a minute too soon. It arrived on a military transport plane at a time when the whole area was snowed in! At last check, the truck is still in service in Erie. It has a Cat front engine and a 350HP Cummins in the rear.

John Deere with snow bucket

This is an older JD 544 with a 5 yard snow bucket fitted.

Champion Grader

Champion Grader Model 730A 6-wheel drive with power wing.

Any additional photos will be greatly appreciated!!!

Speaking of PennDoT, I found this report I did a few years ago (@2000). It lists the statewide inventory of Frink v-plows still in service as of @ 2000, including equipment number, location, model year, S/N and purchase price.

PennDoT Frink Vee-plow inventory @ 2000
This call out sheet from Erie County, Pa is from the 1949-50 winter season. It shows the makeup of the snowplow fleet including: 2 Fords, 3 FWDs, 2 Chevys, 5 Walters, 4 Oshkosh, 11 Dodges, 2 Federals, 1 Marmon Harrington and 1 each of graders Warco, Gallion and Austin. This form was stuck inside an old wooden desk but retrieved before the desk was sold. It is interesting to compare this list with the photo of what I call winter preparedness from Bedford County, Pa at about the same era. That photo is on the homepage.

Winter Call-Out Sheet from 1949/50

If you look closely at the equipment numbers, there is a pattern. The first three numbers are a type of serial number with respect to the order the unit was purchased. The last three numbers indicated the manufacturer. So final three numbers 061 is Ford, 084 is Walter etc. The middle digit indicates the type of truck. Middle digits of 1 or 2 indicate single axle dumps, 1 being a lighter model. The 4, 5 or 6 generally means a special purpose, such as 5084 for Walter all-wheel drive chassis. So, Walter 111-5084 is the oldest in this fleet compared to truck 189-5084 which is the newest of the Walters. I have the complete document showing how nearly every type an manufacturer, including all construction equipment, has it's own identifyer. They recently got away from using this system as gospel although quite a bit of it still remains.

This is a very interesting piece of highway history. I don't have a date for it but it is from the state highway department years, predating even the PDH, predecessor to PennDoT. Take a minute to review the equipment types listed as available for use at the time, particularly the combinations of horses, buggies, wagons and drivers. Enjoy!

State Highway Department Time Sheet

In a current thread about the good old days, started by PlowBoyWinger, I mentioned carrying some spare gasoline with you. This photo from PDH in Erie, Pa shows an old snowfighter with several barrels in the back. It was common practice to carry spare gas this way. A truck could leave the shed and be gone for days, changing drivers in the field. Note the railroad style lanterns for taillights.

More Off-Topic PennDoT Info and Photos - walter linn oshkosh fwd

It's a little hard to read but some interesting info in there. I have a couple more similar articles that I'll look for and post one of these days.

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