What Am I for Wednesday 10/31/12

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 7 Years Ago
Here is a neat one from Brocky. Emblems removed.

By clyde318 - 7 Years Ago
From Brocky? Take a chance and say Brockway.
By Bob McDaniel (Indiana Trucks) - 7 Years Ago
By Old Pierce - 7 Years Ago
Chassis looks 20's Pierce, but not the fenders. Karl
By Bill White - 7 Years Ago
WAG Hawkeye
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 7 Years Ago
Indy Bob gets the prize today, this old timer is a 1923 Indiana. Brocky snapped these pictures at the Cherokee show a few weeks ago. This nicely restored truck had a big for sale sign on it so it is looking for a new owner. Thanks to Brocky for the photos and Dan Souday for the 1920 ad.




By Bill White - 7 Years Ago
Why I come up with Hawkeye was the Woodbury County, Iowa plates that is where the Hawkeye was built.
By Bob McDaniel (Indiana Trucks) - 7 Years Ago
Here are a few more pictures of the same truck from a few years ago before it was restored by the present owner. The fenders were almost completely gone so the owner made new ones for it but they are not right. I have fenders like it should have on my 27 Indiana dump truck if anyone here has interest in this truck and it would not be hard to make fenders from them. I also have contact info for the present owner if you contact me and will pass it along to you.