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By Bill - 6 Years Ago
Hello,  I would like to share an article with you below about a Liteway truck that I own.  If anyone has any information about the truck I would appreciate you sharing.  Thanks.
By Shifty - 6 Years Ago
Welcome Bill
 I think we've met before on the White Truck website. 
By aw12345 - 6 Years Ago
Somewhat like Tucker, ahead of it's time, nice piece of engineering. 
By John Frances - 6 Years Ago
The McBright stuff is here.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago
John Frances (2/8/2017)
The McBright stuff is here.

Thanks for digging that up John. All I can add are these two images, from 1957 & 1956. The last one is from John Frances !