What Am I for Monday 7/17/2017

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago
Two for one today. Emblems removed.

By Hamish - 6 Years Ago
I think they might be Kenworths-about 1927.
By Bruce Ohnstad - 6 Years Ago
I'll say Sterling,

By Old Man MacKenzie - 6 Years Ago
I will try my luck with Ward LaFrance.  Two of them.
By Slim 3979 - 6 Years Ago
Put me down for White and White

By wfd44 - 6 Years Ago
We are going with Sterling today.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago

I'm not surprised only one person has this right. I wasn't sure what these two trucks were either. Kenworth only used this radiator style for a few years, from about 1926 to 1928 or so. Photos of these trucks are rare, and survivors are even rarer. These trucks sit in a yard with a number of other trucks in Oregon. Hamish was the only one to get this. Our WAI photo is from Grant Minor. The other photo is a 1927 Kenworth with the same radiator from the Seattle Digital Archives.



By John Frances - 6 Years Ago
These are also Grant Minor Facebook photos.