My 79 Autocar
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By WinchWench - Last Year
I'm new to JustOldTrucks. This is my '79 Autocar. I hope to post more pictures in the future.

Here is a picture of the '74 from last year.

Same show, both trucks.

By Stretch - Last Year
Welcome !
We can always use a good gin pole truck.
More pictures when you get a chance. Looks familiar.
By 79starcar - Last Year
Way too cool! Was Autocar still part of white in 79?
By 79starcar - Last Year
Way too cool! Was Autocar still part of white in 79?
By WinchWench - Last Year
Yes, I'm Dean's daughter. I miss him a lot, especially this time of year. We will be going to one of his favorite local shows at the end of the month. I still have both trucks. I was going to sell them, but just couldn't do it. I was surfing-up old Autocar pictures last night, and ran across this site. I signed-up because I like old trucks, and have a couple. I know just enough about trucks to get myself in trouble. I hope I can enjoy this site, make some friends, get advice, and have a good time. I'm not a trucker. I have only two trucking stories that are my own, but I was raised around trucks, and I really like them. I don't do much social media because I lack the social skill most folks have. I don't even know if I'm doing this right. Hopefully, it will post OK. This is a great site. I hope folks will talk to me, even though I'm not a trucker. My truck show experience hasn't been good. I've seen a man with a genuine old-style Autocar cap walk right past me, and never say a word, even though I brought two big Autocars to the show. I get it. Not a trucker, a woman, and only two stories. Still, If you see me at a show, ask me about the trucks.

The '79 is mine. I didn't build it, but I had it built to my specifications, at least, to the extent I could afford it. It doesn't have the Cat engine I always wanted, but the 290 Big Cam Cummins runs strong. The '74, of course, was dad's. It is a beautiful. truck, and I love driving it, even though switching from the 8LL to the 13-Speed often frustrates me. I love the sounds, the smells, and seeing the shadow running along the side of the road.
By Wolfcreek_Steve - Last Year
Welcome "Deans Daughter"! I don't know if Dean every became a member of this site, but many of us who frequent here, remember him for his participation on the ATHS forum. He told some great informative housemoving stories, and his love for old time trucking and Autocars was genuine.
You are definitely in the minority here as we only have one other lady contributor, (that I know of) but don't let that stop you from participating. There are many here that aren't truckers, myself included, but we are here because we enjoy old trucks.
By Michael Yarnall - Last Year
Welcome to the forum WinchWench. We have a lot in common. I am not a truck drive but I was raised around trucks and I also own two Autocars. I have had people sit on my truck’s step and ignore me, but most people are great. I never met your father but remember his posts. There are lots of good people here. I check the site every night.
Let’s see some more pictures.
By Junkmandan - Last Year
Dean Ashby's Daughter.............. We all miss Dean, and knew you had a truck somewhat similar to Dean' least the same color.   Thanks for coming aboard as a 2nd generation is always nice to carry on the family tradition.  I didn't have thegood relationship with my dad, so I left the dairy farm, joined the Army, got VA schooling in Diesel Technology and put over 50 years in the industry, NOT as a driver.   I'm a little rusty at 85, but wasn't Dean RVP  somewhere in the years I served .........2000-2007 ?   As I tell my 3 girls........."You Go Girl" !
By WinchWench - Last Year
Hi Mike, nice to meet another multiple-Autocar owner!  I'm probably a bit too sensitive when it comes to the trucks. This is a very difficult hobby for women. Plus, that snub, and it probably wasn't intentional, happened at one of the first shows I attended, after dad died. When we went to shows together, I benefited from his presence. I was OK, because I was Dean's daughter. After he passed, things were a lot different. One thing that isn't different is my love for old trucks. I worry about breakdowns but, so far, we have handled the few we have had pretty well.  I sometimes wish dad had been into Peterbilts,  Autocar parts can be difficult to obtain. I still need a good set of door handles and window cranks for my '79. I will try to post some more pictures.  I have hundreds, and I love seeing my trucks when searching the web for Autocars. We don't have kids, and may leave nothing, but our Autocar's online will live forever.
By WinchWench - Last Year
Hi Steve, thanks for the warm welcome. Dean spent a lot of time in the ATHS forum. I don't know if he knew about this site. I didn't, until I ran across it the other day. So far, I really like it. I like the ATHS, and support their efforts, but the politics there can be a bummer. We were involved in a bit of a snit, years ago, and I just don't think it was worth it. I like old trucks, and driving old trucks, but I'm not much for politics.  I think women will always be unusual in hobbies like this because we usually have kids. Kids are kind of a lifetime project for women. Since I don't have kids, I have two old Autocars, and a Shelby. Although, I tempted to sell the Shelby and buy that four-axle Autocar rig-up truck I saw online the other day. <smiley face here>
By Michael Yarnall - Last Year
You have to take back that Peterbilt comment. Send pictures of the parts you need and someone here will have them. As far as selling the Shelby to buy another Autocar goes, I recommmend keeping the Shelbynamd buying the Autocar. Mike.
By Jeeperscreepers - Last Year
I was at the Huntsville show also.
By wayne graham - Last Year
Welcome aboard girl. This is the place if you got an interest in old trucks and other related or not related ideas and hobbies. We pretty much run the gamit here. As stated we only have one other lady that I know of. She is a very good friend and I think she knew you dad. Her name is Michelle Cole and I think she is into Fords. I sold all my A model kw's last year and now am just hangin around. I have done some oil field work and gin pole trucks always interest me. I think you will find us to be  a friendly bunch. We never had children either so I know what you mean on that score.
By Rob - Last Year
We could say I knew your dad quite well. Seen, and sat in your truck prior to it being restored out in Hinton. It was out back of the house then. I actually installed the glass into the cab of Dean's Autocar out in El Reno when it was being redone. Through private conversation he thanked me and stated wished he'd heeded some of my advice on his cab once they got into it as it appeared to be a mess. I still have the photos but where..... Also helped string a few hydraulic lines after being built up by "Cherokee Hydraulics" out there. This when I was in OKC for another one of those endless engineering classes I had to attend while still working for the FAA, (retired now). Was saddened to hear of his passing as one I really did like a lot. Dean sent me a lot of information on "Leland" oil field beds of which I have one for my truck.
Never did get to see your truck in work but am happy to learn the project was stayed with.

By WinchWench - Last Year
No offense was intended by my Peterbilt comment, I like them too. I nearly bought a nice Pete before I found my Autocar. Air ride suspension, and air conditioning, that's the stuff dreams are made of! I plan to get AC sometime soon, but it will never have air-ride, <sigh>.  Speaking of parts, I sure could use a very good set of genuine Autocar door handles and window cranks.  I will try to post a picture. I would pay top-dollar for a good set.
By WinchWench - Last Year
Hi Jeff,

That is a very cool old Federal! I love those trucks. I've only seen one, in-person, and it wasn't running. Thanks for posting those pictures. Jim and dad had great times at all those shows. 
By WinchWench - Last Year
Hi Wayne,

Yes, I have heard of Michelle or, at least, the lady that's into Fords. Dad mentioned her, and that she was a Ford fan. Dad didn't care much for Fords. I don't really know why. I like them, particularly the larger older ones. I have always like gin pole trucks. I think they look tough and purposeful. I never miss an opportunity to raise the poles on my truck. It's odd, I remember being in the cab with dad, when he was winching on large objects, but it is a much different feeling when you are at the controls. After dad passed, I was using my truck to load some of his other trucks on a trailer, and I had a great time doing it. I was sad to see those trucks go, but experiencing that kind of power and control was awesome.

By Tony Bullard - Last Year
Neat looking Acar. I wonder if it didn't once belong to Dean A. or his daughter.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - Last Year
I was wondering the same thing Tony. Great looking Acar !
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - Last Year
Hello "Dean's Daughter", welcome to Just Old Trucks. I knew your dad from the old ATHS Forums and met him at a couple of shows. I was always fascinated with the house moving stories he would post and especially the Ashby House Movers trucks he would post photos of. Your family had some very interesting equipment. I'm sorry you had a negative experience at a show, I think that is very unusual. I am not from a trucking background either, my career has been in aerospace, but I have found nearly everyone in the old truck hobby to be very welcoming and friendly. I'm willing to bet you will have a better experience at your next show.

Dean posted this photo of a Federal 606 several years ago. He said it had a Mack badge because they couldn't find the Federal title but did have one for a Mack !

I now own a truck just like it.

I got this photo of Dean and Jim Doerkson eating ice cream at the ATHS Hunstville show in 2009. They had a big stuffed animal rigged up with a remote control to squirt water at unsuspecting passers by. They were having great fun with it !  

By Eddy Lucast - Last Year
WinchWench (9/16/2018)
Hi Steve, thanks for the warm welcome. Dean spent a lot of time in the ATHS forum. I don't know if he knew about this site. I didn't, until I ran across it the other day. So far, I really like it. I like the ATHS, and support their efforts, but the politics there can be a bummer. We were involved in a bit of a snit, years ago, and I just don't think it was worth it.

I don't think this site came about until after Dean passed, I may be wrong. In any case were delighted you found us and it's good to know what happened to the Auocar's and that they're still loved and in good hands. Yes Dean was one of our big supporters on the ATHS site. I'd bet I have at least a dozen CDs on my desk of truck photos Dean sent me to post on the forums. Weren't you with Dean, and spoke up in favor, at the ATHS board meeting when we proposed the ATHS forums?