Butterfly hood peterbilt

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By marvgarr - 2 Years Ago
My 1957 281 has a Clairben hood. I want too go back to the butterfly hood. Will a 350 hood setup work? I know 350 is iron nose vertical shutters. My shutters are horizontal and are factory. Also are 281 fenders steel?
By Aaron - 2 Years Ago
Yes it'll work it just won't be a straight bolt in set up,there will have to be some fabracation at the front end for the radaitor to bolt to and the false front to bolt to as these are seperate parts not at all together like a narrow nose, Now to add to the fray that truck could have been a heavy weight Pete as they still made that configuration up thru 57, if not then it would be what Peterbilt called a liteweight from 54 up thru 61 or so, the cab is the same all the way thru to about 62/63 then the dash was changed to the longer flat fold down dash.
By marvgarr - 2 Years Ago
It is a heavy weight truck. Sits real tall, I mean tall! Looks like that hood is not going to work without being cobbled together. I am also missing everything and he doesn't have the grill shell. I have a buddy that is getting a 351 narrow nose tilt hood for parts. I think I will just use that hood. My dash is modified no one has been able to figure out what it is. 
By Bruce Ohnstad - 2 Years Ago
Clariben fiberglass retrofit hoods have their own appeal, maybe more stylish on Macks compared to Peterbilt looks.  Clariben started with a Minnesota trucking entrepreneur, Wilkenson, who got into boats, moved to Oregon, and started making fiberglass hoods for Macks.  A MN trucker who ran with Wilkenson told the story, trucks with the hoods, and had pictures.  With some internet search info I wrote up a newsletter article on Clariben.

By William Sellmer - Last Year
Looking for Butterfly Hood for 351 Peterbilt.56 inch in length.406 847 3122