'63 Autocar project WI

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By jfab - 2 Years Ago
New 1963 Autocar owner from Wisconsin here. My father had bought this truck 5yrs ago. It has been sitting with intent of him and I restoring it. My father (58) drove a '63 Autocar dump truck back when he was 18 (his first truck). We're in the hunt for a good quality driver seat, passenger seat/box, hood, headlight bracket and whatever you may have or know of whom may have it.

Its work in progress and will keep you guys posted!

Thank you for all your help.http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/uploads/images/308ef63c-5bdf-4179-a586-3d55.jpg
By Stretch - 2 Years Ago
Nice looking truck. Keep the pictures coming !
By wayne graham - 2 Years Ago
welcome to our little corner of the world. lot's of A-Cars around here.

By Hamish - 2 Years Ago
Neat old truck, jfab. What model is it-A7564 maybe?
By jfab - 2 Years Ago

A7564T is correct!