What Am I for Wednesday 12/12/12

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 9 Years Ago
That license plate sure is in a convenient place. Emblem removed. Photo from Bill White.

By Hamish - 9 Years Ago
Vim-made in Philadelphia.
By tamangel - 9 Years Ago
with Hamish..VIM

Mike W

By clyde318 - 9 Years Ago
I'll third it. Vim.
By eymurphey - 9 Years Ago
With vigor I reply --- 1917 VIM 20 1000lb Delivery Truck
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 9 Years Ago
Hamish has it, this truck is a Vim from the late 'teens. I don't have the model info but George may very well be right. Vim built trucks in Philadelphia from 1913 to 1923. The early Vims used a Northway engine, but by 1918 Vim powered their trucks with an engine of their own manufacture. A few years later Vim went back to purchasing engines from Continental and Hercules. Thanks to Bill White for the WAI photo. The color photo of a 1917 3/4 ton model is from Warren Richardson. And the 1916 ad is from Dan Souday.



By eymurphey - 9 Years Ago
More VIM for the vigorous ---

1917 VIM 20 1000lb Delivery Truck