62 Pete 351

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By 62pete351 - 3 Years Ago
This is my new project. It was a working logging truck until 1989. I'm not sure I'll do much more than turn it into a driver for now. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/uploads/images/7967978a-0c7c-426c-9d91-0699.jpg
By wayne graham - 3 Years Ago
Just a word from very expensive experience. Leave it alone as much as you can. I can not tell you how fast this becomes a money pit and gets out of hand so fast. You probably already know all this but I am just sayin.
By Hamish - 3 Years Ago
Very nice truck. It looks great as it is now.
By Junkmandan - 3 Years Ago
Looks show ready to me...............Too good to be changed.