Red Cross Clubmobile identity needed
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By Gordon_M - 2 Years Ago
This image turned up on another forum and we need an identity on the American Red Cross Clubmobile manufacturer. I consulted with Jeff and he suggested I post it here.  It looks like we are in mainland Europe '44 or '45.  We. have a standard MB/GPW jeep, a Dodge 3/4 ton, and I think a Ben Hur trailer in the background.

The text suggests it is a repurposed Krupp, by I think that was misleading.  I'm thinking Montpelier, Metropolitan on a 39-41 US 1.5 ton chassis, Jeff thought maybe Boyertown. Typically early Clubmobiles would be contractor built / converted on standard civilian chassis funded by charity donations, later ones were commonly on GMC chassis, but what was this one?
By John Frances - 2 Years Ago
Here's a similar truck from here. Caption says 39 C Eng Livergnano Italy.
By Gordon_M - 2 Years Ago
Thanks John, if only we had clear shots of the whole trucks ...