WAI Jeff has retired!!

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By John Gott - 9 Months Ago

Last Friday was Jeff L's last day of work, he has officially retired! He worked as a contractor  for NASA on the Shuttle program and more recently on the Orion project. Jeff, congratulations on a great career and now truck play time has arrived.

John G
By Jeeperscreepers - 9 Months Ago
Jeff, congrats.  See you in Feb.
By Stretch - 9 Months Ago
Looks like you made it ! Congratulations !
Have you recovered from the hangover yet ?
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 9 Months Ago
Yup, it's true, January 4th was my last day as part of the Space Program and as a Kennedy Space Center employee. Now I begin my life of alleged leisure lol.. So now the Jeep is apart to fix some cooling issues and to change some broken spider gears in the front end. Up to now the front differential was the only part of this Jeep that I never had completely disassembled. Also doing the front brakes while I'm in there, and the differential carrier bearings had some pitting so I ordered new ones. Then I'll be pulling the air steering cylinder out of the Federal and see if I can get that working. And then there are some palmettos to pull out across the pond, a bunch of trees down across the fenceline out back, truck show in Leesburg February 14-16 (hoping to get the Federal there to demonstrate the inertia starter), possible trip to Ken O's in February, .... That should keep me busy for the first few months !

Here are some pics from my last day at work. My daughter Mary has been a technician on Orion and working with me for a little over a year.



This Propeller was a retirement gift from a friend signifying my start in aerospace working on small aircraft. We got everyone to sign it. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/uploads/images/0229d202-7a04-4d63-9d93-5668.jpg
By Aaron - 9 Months Ago
there will be so much other stuff to do around the place now it'll still fell like your at work and still don't get time to play with the toys.
By Bruce Ohnstad - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations, Jeff.  Have fun, hope to see your restorations some day.

By Terry T - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations Jeff!  Enjoy your time
By tundra - 9 Months Ago
good for you jeff
I have a prop like that up north that wont ,,yellow tag;; from a ground loped Cessna 185 that I started polishin ta make into a centre clock out of
By Eddy Lucast - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations Jeff,

One note of advice, mark tomorrow off your calendar and take the day off and do absolutely nothing. It'll be your last day off! LOL
By Brocky - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations Jeff!!! W#ill see you in Leesburg.
By Tony Bullard - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations Jeff. I hope Nancy and I get down to see you in Leesburg.
By jhancock - 9 Months Ago

The prop is pretty KooL!
By Norm W - 9 Months Ago
The only problem with retiring is, now you have no place to go to rest up.  I still haven't learned to say, "NO".  Maybe if I learned that, I'd have some time to do some of my projects.  Learn from my mistakes!  Good luck.
By Bill Bradford - 9 Months Ago
Congrats Jeff. Now you won't have time to do anything. It seems to work that way when you retire, did for me.
By Frank Surber - 9 Months Ago
Forget about ever having a day off again,calling in sick won't work either.
By Hamish - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations Jeff. No doubt you will have plenty to occupy yourself with your trucks.
By Jesse - 9 Months Ago
Congratulations on your retirement.  You will figure out how it works best for you. 
You have time to do things you could not do before. 
If you leave this week with the Federal, will you make it to Leesburg in time?

We've been retired for 10 years, now. 
We still plan vacations and I plan to go to truck shows, Macungie and Tri-State in Winchester. 
Was nice to see your collection when we stopped by in September. 
By Brocky - 9 Months Ago
I keep getting complaints from the "War Dept" that all our vacations revolve around truck shows!!  Even if she has days for tours and whatever she wants in the area. 
Hope you can do better.
By chtrout - 9 Months Ago
Warmest Congratulations, Jeff!

It sounds like you had a truly amazing career!
By Jesse - 9 Months Ago

We do both trucks get equal time though. 
Spent a month in Key West, but missed the Tri-State show. 
I now have a few "points" banked in my favor.