What Am I for Saturday 2/23/2019

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
Nicely restored truck. Emblem removed. Photo from Don MacKenzie.

We are still waiting for the correct answer to yesterday's.

By Rocket - 3 Years Ago
Liberty Truck
By Rocket - 3 Years Ago
Manufactured by the Quartermaster Corps .
By Davwingman - 3 Years Ago
Liberty truck. First truck used by the Texas DOT
By clyde318 - 3 Years Ago
Go with Liberty as well.
By IVANOV - 3 Years Ago
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
Looks like everyone had this. This is a 1918 USA "Liberty" truck. The 3 ton Liberty truck was the first standardized military truck in the Army. It was built by 16 different manufacturers to a standard design, meaning all the trucks were virtually identical. The Quartermaster Corps laid out the specifications but did not build these trucks, although later in the 1920's they would modify many of them. Our WAI truck was restored by the Texas Highway Department. Rocket had this first. Thanks to Don MacKenzie for the photo.

By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
Davwingman just sent this.
By chtrout - 3 Years Ago
As a follow-on comment, the WW-I era Liberty trucks were among the reasons that several truck builders had problems with local sales. Holmes trucks (later re-branded as Plains, then Coleman) could not be sold in large numbers to local counties until the counties finally wore-out the several Liberty-B's they had purchased from WW-I surplus. Arapahoe County, Colorado, was a perfect example of Liberty trucks lasting well into the late 1920s/early 1930s.