What Am I for Thursday 12/20/12

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
Here is an unusual 4x4. Emblem removed. Photo from Brian Kelly.

By Brocky - 8 Years Ago
WAG DUPLEX?? It is definately set up to be a plow truck to compete with Walter, FWD, and Oshkosh.

That is a '54 Ford in the background.
By ray88 - 8 Years Ago
Several characteristics look like things Fabco did - so I'll throw in that WAG. ray
By clyde318 - 8 Years Ago
Will try Cline.
By eymurphey - 8 Years Ago
I'm so in CLINED too -- thinking here with Clyde --
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
So far no one has this, except for Brocky on the '54 Ford ! This is not a manufacturer you would normally associate with all wheel drive vehicles.
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 8 Years Ago
By eymurphey - 8 Years Ago
I am clueless!!! but going out here with International --
By clyde318 - 8 Years Ago
2nd shot. White.
By mplsbuffalo - 8 Years Ago
How about Coleman
By Stretch - 8 Years Ago
Will try COOK BROS because of the holes in the hood.
By Jack Amaral - 8 Years Ago
By ColoradoGreen - 8 Years Ago
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
Jack has finally got it, Hendrickson it is. I don't really have any info on this model except that is was most likely built in the late '50's or early '60's. It appears to have been set up for a plow or snowblower. Thanks to Brian Kelly for this very interesting photo.

By ppsyclone - 8 Years Ago
I had seen sketches of Hendrickson plows in a couple of pieces of their literature, but never a photo. Never saw any on the roads around Chicago when I was growing up. Hendrickson did built a number of all wheel drive mixer chassis. The made 6x6 and 8x8 drill carriers. There is an 8x8 in Denver on 10 foot track planetary axles built for the Alaska pipeline. I have heard about 8-10 were built. And then there was the famous hendrickson Hulk which i believe is still in service. The truth is that Hendrickson would build anything you wanted if you had the money.
By Junkmandan - 8 Years Ago
Could the Hulk be a big black beast powered with a 16V71 . At the Schaumburg Ill. convention in 88 or 89 the tour took us there.
By ppsyclone - 8 Years Ago
Hendrickson Hulk

By ColoradoGreen - 8 Years Ago
^^ You wouldn't like that truck when it's angry.