Trico air wiper motor
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By Shifty - Last Year
Cleaning  up a couple Trico motors yesterday. Picked out what looked like maybe some lint, then got to lookin' at it might be some felt to put oil on to lubricate the shaft?
 I saw a breakdown didn't show a piece like that .Anybody know for sure?
By glenn akers - Last Year
I believe your looking at its muffler.It will be packed with cotton.
By Aaron - Last Year
Glenn the muffler is in the second picture in the lower right.
Shifty, I've never oiled that felt in overhauls, the bearings for that shaft are on each end of it so oiling that felt wouldn't get to them, right under that is a  sector which the shaft goes thru that runs on a rack, Rome truck parts in Rome Ga has parts for those.
By Tony Bullard - Last Year
"I've never oiled that felt in overhauls,"

Aaron, where does that felt go? Or where did it come from?

By Aaron - Last Year
If it doesn't go under that two screw cap it doesn't go anywhere, as long as there is a felt or wad of cotton in the muffler thats all there is.
On the Peterbilt motors to test them you need to hook up an air supply to both ends, those you have are externally mounted on a White but I guessing work the same with air on both ends
By Shifty - Last Year
Thank you Gentlemen.
 I'll cut a new piece of felt, and replace it.
 These  just have an air supply, and an exhaust port.