What Am I for Sunday 12/15/2019

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
Here is a re-run from 2009. Emblem removed. Photo from Dan Souday. 

By ppsyclone - 3 Years Ago
By Hamish - 3 Years Ago
Coleman here too.
By Brocky - 3 Years Ago
My first impression is FWD.. , But that might be a Coleman front hub behind the bushes?
By Jack Amaral - 3 Years Ago
By clyde318 - 3 Years Ago
Coleman for me as well.
By Old Man MacKenzie - 3 Years Ago
Coleman looks good.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
It's sort of unanimous for Coleman. This later model Coleman image was sent to me by Dan Souday many years ago. Brian Kelly had this first. 

By chtrout - 3 Years Ago
Based on the setting, this "may" be 1971 American Coleman EH-62 #560256 owned by Jeff Sabo of near Sedalia, Colorado. If so, it is powered by Cummins HRF6B Serial #263416, and equipped with a Garwood dump bed (Woeber data plate serial #32895 Mar 1971).

This truck is clearly of Colorado State Highway Department heritage (SHD – now CDOT), but the "side number" was painted over when sold as surplus and cannot now be determined.

If this is the same truck, it currently has the plow, air filter, and stack removed, but otherwise, it is in good running condition.