1979 Ford CL-9000, 'Celia'

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By FireStar01 - 2 Years Ago
Now that I've got image posting figured out, it's tine to share! I present to you all my 1979 Ford CL-9000, with a Detroit 8v92TA and an Eaton 13 speed backing it (unsure of the specific model), with a little over 270,000 miles on the whole rig. I bought her last year sometime in November, from a farmer I used to work for for 6,500, leaving me with just enough savings to buy new batteries for her. Plans include a Peterbilt Low Air Leaf suspension, air ride seats, cab air ride suspension if I can track it down, custom visor, chromed grill, new paint on the whole chassis and driveline, and a little bit of a touchup on the cab, and what'll amount to a whole new interior, id I can find someone to do it, or the matetials to do it myself if I can get the time. I want to put her on the road at some point, but I'm debating just keeping her as a show truck. Either way we'll find our way to truck shows around the U.S.

By jhancock - 2 Years Ago


Looks pretty good from my house.