1967 Ford T800

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By kblackav8or - 2 Years Ago
I bought this truck probably a year ago now based on 4 pictures and 2 people I know's endorsement on how good it was.  Believe it to be a 67 or a very early production 68 before they started putting the fender markers on.  Based on dates stamped on the frame and the dates on the fuel tanks all being between May-August 67.  Shows 90 something k on it.  When I got it delivered the amount of rodent mess was the worst of anything I have ever bought.  I pulled what carpet it had out and tossed it.  Then out came the pressure washer.  Pressure washed the inside.  Currently has a later 534 in it with a 5 and I am pretty sure a 3 speed aux.  Don't know what rear gearing is but suspect it is in the 6's on hendrickson spring.  Has a hoist.  I think it may be stretched to be a farm dump truck.  Eventually it will be DT466 powered, and shortened up and serve as a sort of big pickup with a flat bed and a Bentz sleeper on it.  Has some dents but no rust. 
By jhancock - 2 Years Ago

I like the idea of a big pickup!
By kblackav8or - 2 Years Ago
Another plus.. the wife actually likes this truck. 
A little gas in the carb and it runs. 

Pics so far. 

By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 2 Years Ago
I've always liked these trucks. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. 
By jhancock - 2 Years Ago

Trucks ain't light so a project that can move itself around is a plus! 

Keeping it stock might be fun but thirsty!
By kblackav8or - 2 Years Ago
This is going to be something I can potentially daily drive so I don't think a non original 534 is really something I want to feed to go pick up some truck parts or something with besides I already have the DT466 which will move it very nicely and probably about 4x as economically. 
One thing that is concerning is that it has wedge brakes.  First time I have every dealt with them.  When I do the rear axle swap those will go away but still have them on the front axle. 

By kblackav8or - 2 Years Ago
I think I failed to mention the F800 lured home a little brother. 

63 F250 4x4 I traded a 72 for.  Also bought a parts body for it since it is quite rough.

When done they will both be the same or similar 2 tone paint schemes.  At first my wife wasn't fond of the flareside bed but it rapidly grew on her so we are probably keeping it but my parts truck did come with a pretty nice styleside bed in case we change our minds.  I did this in September when I took the last of the FLC parts over to central WA to Dean McQuirk. 


I have been back overseas at work now for about a month and am due home for basically about 48 hours after Thanksgiving.  I will be flying out to TX for 2-3 weeks to train with the new company doing the same stuff I am doing now. 
By Jeff Wright - Last Year
I like that old T800!! It's a good looking truck! I have a T800 and F800 both are 66 models. Planned on using the F800 as a parts truck but is the one that actually runs and drives out of the 2.

Does it have air brakes on it? I'm sure it's a 5x3, as my T800 is. Most of them were 5x3s. One plus thing about these trucks are that the cabs are the same as the pickups of that year. A lot of the interior parts are the same as the pickup trucks, minus a few things. If you need interior parts you can get a lot of those from denniscarpenter.com. I'm a Ford fanatic so I love it when I see someone else who likes these old truck too. If you don't already have one, you can buy a reprint of the original shop manual that the Ford dealership had back then. You can decode the vin and look up all the other codes on the ID plate on the door and that will tell you exactly how it was spec'd out.

Keep up the good work on it. Please keep showing the progress. If you need any info just let me know.

By kblackav8or - Last Year
Mine is air brakes and a 5x4.  Believe the aux transmission is a 7041 in my case.  Pretty sure mine is a late 67 early 68.. build date I think is around Aug of 67.  Does not have the reflectors the 68s would have come with. 
By Jeff Wright - Last Year

My truck has the 7231HD auxiliary transmission. Mine is also a double frame. Is your truck double frame? My old 66 T800 has air brakes too. I saw one at the ATHS national convention last year. The it was a old fire truck and the fella that owned it had bought a 36 inch sleeper and put it on the truck. He drove it all the to convention from Minnesota.
By kblackav8or - Last Year
I think it is double framed.  It has a Ford part number on the frame rail and it looks doubled up.  Has a dump bed on it now that is about 18' long that I am removing.  Going to put a 40" sleeper I have on it and about a 8' flat bed and single axle it.  If things work out I might be starting o the engine swap soon.  Need to have it be mobile on my property.
By kblackav8or - Last Year