Ruff ATHS convention
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By Rick Knox - Last Year
WOW it was a great show. Then, I ran into Aaron and it was a down hill slide. Later I ran into Aaron and Eddy. To make matters worse, I ran into Bruno. WTH, how did things go so wrong. On a brighter note. I did get to see and spend some time with Patrick Bruno. That apple rolled along way from the tree let me tell you. 
By Eddy Lucast - Last Year
and then there was Rick running around in a golf cart with a real dog of a passenger you didn't dare get to close to out of fear of getting your head bit off.
By Frank Surber - Last Year
I heard it was the golf carts that needed to be avoided not the people or the dogs, I have reports from more than one person that the golf carts were coffee cup thieves 
By Aaron - Last Year
I was surprised that Bruno showed up, last I heard he was under house arrest and equipped with a monitor for some nefarious crime, something like painting a truck with improper paint colors, it was a Mack so not a big deal.
 We did run into Rick, some days more than once but we got a reprieve and missed him and slobber for a full day what a relief.
  Seems we ended up with an extra coffee cup but I've no idea what Dennis did with it, most likely donated it to a deserving chap.
By kblackav8or - Last Year
I heard good things about it. Hope to make Reno next year with the Pete.  Call me obnoxious.. I want an old Yamaha 2 stroke golf cart.. similar to the one famed Indy Winner Tom Sneva once modified to go 100mph.  Just for you guys I will burn Blendzol 2 stroke oil so you can detect my odor coming for 100 yards.  Nah I will probably be hoofing it next year.  I will be lucky to get much done on the Pete other then maybe get the AC fixed and maybe my fuel tank swap done.