Town of Hanover
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By bshoesey - 10 Years Ago

Town of HanoverThis is a featured page

I got a chance to visit the boys at the Town of Hanover in western New York. They are the proud original owners of a 1959 Walter Snowfighter. The following photos and descriptions are of the truck and a little history.

I guess, due to the age of this truck and the apparent ages of the staff at the Town of Hanover, this should read that the truck is the proud owner of the current staff of the highway department! Snow Plow Equipment/Trucks/Walter 100 Traction/Town of Hanover/GW610H458-1.jpg

This truck was purchased new by the Town of Hanover, from Dow and Company of western NY. They apparently traded a 1945 model on this truck. There are a few pictures of the older truck at the town highway shed. This truck is the last Walter in snow removal service in Chautauqua County NY. They use this mostly for recovering stuck vehicles these days and switched to the 1" cable seen hanging on the side as it was too hard on tow chains. Snow Plow Equipment/Trucks/Walter 100 Traction/Town of Hanover/GW610H457-2.jpg

Front view of the Frink plow equipment. This truck is nearly original with about 2200 miles on it and always garage stored. Snow Plow Equipment/Trucks/Walter 100 Traction/Town of Hanover/GW610H457-3.jpg

model plate indicates the following:

"F" style two man cab
"G" for the Waukesha gas engine of 225 hp
"R" for the gvw of 42000
"S" for the standard wheelbase

The serial number 597810 indicates that the model years is 1959 and serial is 7810