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By bshoesey - 8 Years Ago

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My 1971 P2427 came with a Wausau 11' Oneway Plow, A Wausau 11' Wing and a V90-88 V plow which as you can see from some of my postings is as big as they get. I then also bought a 1993 11' Frink 2 way plow from a Nebraska Highway department auction and added a sectional valve to my hydraulics and built linkage and plumbing for more efficiency plowing the 12 mile subdivision I plow here in Colorado. My truck came from a township in WI. with very few miles/hours and came with all the manuals including all of the manuals and part #'s for my Wausau plows. If anyone needs anything feel free to contact me. Also Schmidt engineering in WI. who bought Wausau Plows is still in business, and still has parts for this equipment and have been very helpful to me!Here is some neat stuff I thought I would add. Also I would love to see some pictures of how you folks attach your plows. Especially V Plows. Thank You, Grant.

Big Chief, This is how I attach my 12' Linn Frink V-plow. Actually taking it off in this photo. Took about 3 minutes. Takes about 5 to put it on. PLOWMAN
http://www.badgoat.net/Old Snow Plow Equipment/Plow Equipment/Snow Plow Manufacturers/Wausau Plow Equipment/GW751H505-6.jpg

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