Good Roads Snow Plows
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By bshoesey - 7 Years Ago

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I'm a sucker for Pennsylvania related items, such as this recent purchase of a Good Roads snow plow ad. I believe the manufacturing was at Kennett Square, Pa. I know that PA was a loyal customer of theirs, with some plows probably still in the fleet. This ad from American City magazine (Nov 1920) shows a Pennsylvania State Highway Department truck, a White, with a Good Roads plow mounted.

Good Roads plow on PHD truck

I got this brochure a while back. If anyone needs specific info from it, let me know annd I'll post it.

1940 Good Roads plow literature

I was digging thru some old info and came across this about Good Roads Model 4-U spreader and Safety seat. This is not the Temple Stone and Grit spreader thing we are looking for, but similar in operation I'm sure.

Good Road Plows - walter linn oshkosh fwd

Good Road Plows - walter linn oshkosh fwd

View from the factory maintenance and instruction manual of the Good Roads Model 4-U tailgate spreader with the safety seat.

By James Godwin Jr - 6 Years Ago
I was cruising the net and ran accross this forum. I'm an old stuff junker too. We purchased Good Roads (the company) about 3 1/2 years ago and have a 1929 Ford AA with a Galion mechanical dump (we own them too) and I recent purchased a 1936 Good Roads snow plow to refurbish and mount on the Ford. Does anyone know where the old location of Good Roads was in Kennett square? I know it was close to the railroad based on a picture I have. They were the original snow plow manufacturer with 700 made for the city of New York in 1913, the first of its kind to be truck mounted. They originated the old mule drawn road scraper as well as Champion Motor Grader being an offshoot. I sure would like to have a copy of the model 101 and 112 in the booklet you have for accurate restoration of my old plow. Fax 910-892-7402
By Daryl Gushee - 6 Years Ago
I'll send you a pm with the email address for Bill. He is the one that posted those old books.
By b.scully - 4 Years Ago
I'm looking for a couple of part #s wondering if you could help me out it's a model 101 serial #2007 need bolt block # and the bolt that attackes to frame its u shaped on end that hooks to frame and threaded on other end thanks