Tow Plow
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By bshoesey - 8 Years Ago

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I wasn't sure if this belonged here in the snowplow manufacturers section or under slightly off topic but I'm putting it here. this link is for a 26' towable plow out in Minnesota. The link has a short video of the thing in action. I'm not sure what to say. Bill

These photos are from
Tow Plow - walter linn oshkosh fwd

Tow Plow - walter linn oshkosh fwd

It looks like Viking-Cives is producing this plow, and there is one up in Maine. That makes two units up there capable of plowing 26' in one pass.

This video shows the plow in action, working as a wing and actually plowing a little snow at the very end in the second clip. Bill

Looks as if they even have one up your way Plowman!

Maine Towplow