Melbourne Tank Museum C5 thread
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By Linntractornut - 9 Years Ago Note that this C5 has rather unique headlights similar to the unit shipped Ticonderoga, it has a blanked out town highway logo on the door, the front track idler is still a piece of channel steel (as used in 1942 on units like Ticonderoga's) , not the later casting, however they have swopped out the rear sprocket hanger with the "stirrup" design as seen on John Belfield's ex-USN unit. Gas tanks for C5 were on the right hand side UNLESS you were putting a plowing on. And a passenger side windshield wiper had to be special ordered, as Ticonderoga did, all the little things that add up to me saying I'm sure this is the ex-Ticonderoga, NY machine, or at very least a returned highway department unit.