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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
Do you have photos of unusual or uncommon trucks that you think would make good What Am I subjects ? We are always looking for good photos to post here. Here are a few guidelines:

1. Good clear images are the best. Most any size is ok, as I can resize large files. Please, nothing thumbnail size as we want everyone to be able to see them.

2. It is ok if the manufacturer's name is visible, as I routinely photoshop the photos to remove the logos. Advertisements are ok too as I can cut the photo out and post it.

3. Please send as much information about the truck as possible. However, feel free to send photos even if you don't know the manufacturer. I have a large library of truck and trucking books and there is a good chance I can identify it. However, I generally do not run photos in the WAI unless I can positively identify the manufacturer.

Please send all photos to my email lakaszjl@aol.com and be sure they are titled as "Old Truck Photos", "ATHS", or something similar so they don't end up in my SPAM folder.

Good luck if you think you are going to stump the board, as I have found we have a pretty smart bunch here. Besides, the WAI isn't about who can stump who, or who knows the most. It is just another way for us all to have more fun with old trucks and maybe learn something along the way. I very much appreciate everyone's help and support.


Jeff Lakaszcyck