Geoff Bond's 1938 Walter
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By bond893 - 10 Years Ago

I picked it up last Fall up in Maine. Its a 1938, model FCKD. It has a 517" Waukesha 6-SRK. 10.00-24 Tires, Frink wing box and a Heil bed.

It was running when I got it, but once I pulled the carb apart I wasn't sure how. I rebuilt the carb over the winter, re-upholstered the seats, made some new floorboards and replaced a broken window.

I had to cobble something together for a modern oil filter as the original type is obsolete. Also drained the oil out of the bath-type air filter and found a paper element that fit. I'll add pictures soon.

Put some new points in this past weekend and finally got it fired up for the first time this season. A few things I noticed after driving my two boys up and down the driveway a few times.

1. This thing is LOUD. Forget having a conversation while driving anywhere, or even when its just idling.

2. This thing is hot. Some guys on here who have some experience with these older Walters or who know the history might correct me or back me up. I believe Steve Mclean told me the purpose of the wooden floorboards was to allow engine heat into the cab as there were no heaters. After letting this thing warm up for a minute and driving a few hundred yards I had to open the windows, wow. And the engine wasn't but maybe 120 degrees on the dash. Need to get that dash fan working.

3. Still trying to figure out how to drive this thing. Forget first gear, which according to the book goes 3 mph. Second gear will get you 6 or 7, but by the time you find 3rd you've slowed down to a stop. Need more practice.

Anyone know what these things on the dash are?