More Upstate Snowfighters, Pretty tired
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By bshoesey - 9 Years Ago
Irondinasuerhunter sent me these to post.

By jhancock - 9 Years Ago
Pretty tired and pretty big. They all have seen a few miles of action.
By Linntractornut - 8 Years Ago
Thanks for posting those, when I checked google earth they appeared to still be there, only one of them was on the auction side of the tracks anyways. That Onondaga County # 106 double wing outfit remineded me of our old Morris (originally Liberty 1951 ACRS) truck, I didn't win the bid on that twice, but the town rejected both winning bids anyways and then around 1991 shipped it to a municipal auction where minus trucking and commission they got about $120. And that was just a few years before the blizzard of 1993 when some roads weren't plowed for a day or two and they had to use a grader and bucket loader when  they did open them. I don't know what I would have done with it to be honest. I don't need a Walter, couldn't afford to feed one. Yet here I am posting about them, collecting onfo and driving places to photograph and document them :P