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By rubbishman - 7 Years Ago
Looks like real survivor although the box looks newer to me.
By rubbishman - 8 Years Ago
The guy with the V line IH obviously doesn't know what he has there.
By throttle prop - 8 Years Ago
not mine but i go by it bout 3 times a week if some ones interested
By Aaron - 3 Years Ago
Well its at 5700.00 and ends in 5 hrs, looks to be the wrong venue to sell that one.
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
How about a Ford AA
Located in CA somewhere but listed in Seattle.
They are asking 24k. As usual, I just spotted it and know nothing more then the ad.
By Eddy Lucast - 7 Years Ago
Saw this on another site.
Randy BourgoinNorth Country Plowing And EquipmentNovember 15 near East Millinocket, ME 
48' X 96" reefer needs 8 crossmembers and better tires

By Junkmandan - 7 Years Ago
Steve------That yellow KW looks pretty darn nice for a ready made show truck at a reasonable price.   
By Geoff Weeks - Last Year
I can't see enough to know if it is air braked or air assisted hyd brake. A lot of truck left the factory with a hydrovac that got replaced with an air-pac to pull air braked trailers. Air-pac replaces hydrovac and gives a signal to the "blue: line on the trailer as well as boost to the hyd system. 
 Edit, yeah, i didn't see all the pic's and it does have a suspended pedal treadle valve. Still could be air over hyd just done different, or could be all air,
 I don't know about Ford, but IHC K-7's could have full air brakes, although most didn't.
2nd edit:
If you look at the pic of the firewall where the treadle valve is mounted, it was definitely not a factory install, bolt come through partly on a firewall "rib" and washer are at an angle. Someone cut the hole and mounted the valve. 
 I guess I should look more before responding!
By throttle prop - 10 Years Ago
ScottW (05/08/2013)
race car hauler, just what I need after a good winning lottery ticket!

like to have that car hauler too,..already got 2 dirt cars for it an fixin to start on 2 drag cars,...lil buddy draggin home his dirt car this weekend as well!!
By Skipped_Link - 8 Years Ago
I'll work on the pic,

Yes tapered nose crank, & the water pump is the eccentric style.
By kblackav8or - 5 Years Ago
Seems like this guy used to post here or on the ATHS forums.  Or at least somewhere.  Kinda cool N1000 RV.
By kblackav8or - 9 Years Ago

1965 3 axle mack truck. Runs great! Drives under it's own power, but needs wiring repair and new air lines to be road ready. Engine is mack end673 non turbo diesel. Transmission is mack quadruplex 20 speed. Its a cool looking antique classic truck! Price is obo. She has a title, I'd like her to find a good home.
By Skipped_Link - 10 Years Ago
By Don Hancock - 9 Years Ago
That KW's got Henry written all over it.
By badgoat - 8 Years Ago
By Park Olson - 9 Years Ago
That mileage was coming down Fancy Gap on 77
By Junkmandan - 9 Years Ago
That Hayes truck looks worth the money..........Probably '70s vintage.
By grenfell34 - 6 Years Ago
this guy is interested in itImage may contain: car and outdoor
By GregB - 9 Years Ago
62 Kenworth-
By wayne graham - 8 Years Ago
By Park Olson - 6 Years Ago
That "Y" block is probably embarrassed to be in that POS.....:crying:
By rubbishman - 4 Years Ago
53 Reo...
By Hamish - 9 Years Ago
Regarding hydraulic brakes-these Mercedes-Benz 1418 were very popular in Aussie and New Zealand and they all had hydraulic brakes-unless they were tandem conversions with a Rockwell or Eaton full air bogie-but they still had the Merc hydraulic front axle.
Round cab LP1418 6 wheel conversion.
Square cab LPS1418 tractor.
Semi forward control LS1418 tractor.
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
Wolfcreek_Steve (6/1/2014)
Hey Ron, I'm just a dumb Yankee, What is seppo? If you don't want to go there in public, PM me, I did ask, so I can't burr up........

steve ill do my best to explain mate? but I would like everyone to know theres no offence  meant here!!!
first , aussies use a lot of slang unlike americans second we tend to abbreviate or shorten everything
we use rhyming slang which we inheriated from the poms
a few examples of ryhming slang
  wife = trouble  n strife
cheque = nervous wreck
cash = Arthur ash
examples of abbreviation
mc donalds = maccas
service station[gas station] = servo
so what was seed on about with 'seppo'
well unfortunately rhyming slang for yank is  septic tank
which shortens to seppo!    sorry mate!
my generation are the only one,s left that use this , the young blokes here are as confused as you
but don't   ' burr up bloke' there,s no malice intended
SEED ya owe me a couple of cold long necks for this mate!!!!!!!!!!

By Newfie-Trucker - 9 Years Ago
that's got Arron or eddy written all over it dont you agree
By wayne graham - 10 Years Ago
Steve, Yes it was the one that sold at David Weavers auction. I think he gave around 1100 or 1200 for it. There are folks who do not care to work for a living in this world and somehow think they can buy at one auction and sell at another and make money off the uninformed. He imagines himself to be a wheeler dealer and maybe he is. Wayne
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 9 Years Ago
It has a Hendrickson look about it, but that doesn't mean that is what it is .......
By Stretch - 6 Years Ago
Western Star Conventional on Ebay.

By Jim Rose - 5 Years Ago
I have waited to long to dispose of my old iron, too feeble. My daughter knows nothing about selling anything and my old iron will probably go to China.

Wolfcreek_Steve (8/11/2018)
Needle-Nose (8/11/2018)
Hamish (8/10/2018)
There sure are a lot of very ignorant sellers out there! A very nice old truck-WB20 or WB22, I guess? Let's hope it isn't turned into a ratrod.

I suppose it would depend on who you cosider "Ignorant", in the last 4 yr's I have helped 2 families work their way through estate issues with regards to collectable trucks. They were very pleased to have assistance dealing with the issue and I would expect there to be many more such cases where folks havn't had the help they need to deal with stuff like this. I expect there to be more of this in the coming yr's as people in my generation pass and a dwindling interest in most things "Old".

I pity my wife if she has to dispose of my stuff, I have thinned the herd over the years, but there is no way to explain to her what everything is and how to sell it.

By idshred - 8 Years Ago
The same guy has both of these for sale. Located in Utah. The kenworth has been for sale for a quite a while.
By rubbishman - 8 Years Ago

Looks like a really nice 67 RF-190 with an RD 450.
By Hamish - 6 Years Ago
Geoff Weeks (4/14/2017)
Either the engine has been changed or he is mistaken and it is a 401. The 406 didn't come out until the re design of the old RED line into the RD line. The RED came in 318,372, 401 and 450. The later RD came in 406 450 and 501.

Geoff, the manufacturer's plate states K8 361, so I would think the original engine would be a RED361. That sure is a neat old truck.

By throttle prop - 8 Years Ago
any body need a deal on a good running 318 deeetroit near greensboro nc 1200 bucks! not mine
By wayne graham - 10 Years Ago
Hamish, That would be a w900A. That truck was for sale in Idaho not long ago. Always suspect when one gets turned around quick. However it is original and all there in good shape. Here in the states parts for the torsion bar are almost non existant. I know you can no longer get the trunnions. Wayne
By Davwingman - 10 Years Ago

1946 Dodge P.E. Van Pelt Fire Truck

By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
The 51 Willys 4cyl pickup I had I think takes the prize for bare-bones utilitarian! Wish I still had it,though.
By Eddy Lucast - 11 Years Ago
A bad 903 is a can of worms.
By badgoat - 10 Years Ago
Saw this one a month or so back in Camp Hill, PA.

Small yard called Firestone Motors. It's near my brother's. Does anyone know anything about it?
By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
35 D-T 227 fairly unmolested survivor...something about "left over Packard dash plates"? He shows some other good ones also.
By Aaron - 3 Years Ago
Out here in auction in Ca.
I doubt it'll go this cheap

Jeff, add this to the fleet

By terrier - 7 Years Ago
They were still putting 220's into the Petes in '64 and the engine colour looks right for the era, so I guess a 220 in a Kenny might've had that engine option too in that year .  It has the pull down door handles with the wider wing windows, and the ribbed aluminum dash panels are all correct for '64.  The unusual items for that time are the cowl mounted mirror brackets on these earliest new style W cabs...usually reserved for the off-road stuff back then.  The chassis tag tells the tale and it's all good for back then.
By Junkmandan - 9 Years Ago
Confirming 9000................. doghouse and shift lever placement confirm it .
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 5 Years Ago
:Whistling: Look for the +insert below where you write your reply, click on it, and you will see a smiley icon.
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 6 Years Ago
My father-in-law had one with a 4-71 and an 8 speed Road Ranger on the column w/ range switch on the dash.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
Aaron (11/23/2020)
Out here in auction in Ca.
I doubt it'll go this cheap

Jeff, add this to the fleet

Aaron I saw this somewhere else. It looks like a great truck. I would expect it to go for 12-15K, at least. 

By Wayne64SS - 11 Years Ago
I've been looking at that Aerodyne all damn morning, lol. You don't see them much and i like the look of it. Wish she had a DD.

I'm also loving that 79 kenny in wyoming and i'm more into the 81 pete than i thought I would. Keep em comin this sure is fun!!! lol
By Daryl Gushee - 9 Years Ago
Can you PM me with any info you have for the Hayes. That's not far out of the way for me when I deliver the snake truck to Nove Scotia.
By rubbishman - 5 Years Ago
A bunch of Mack literature, Bulldog magazine, etc.
By kblackav8or - 7 Years Ago
Bruce's truck has the old cab and narrow hood.  There is a documented 67 or 68 that was factory built as the last old cab narrow tilt Kenworth now owned by Jake Winn in Oregon. 
By kblackav8or - 8 Years Ago
Very clean K100
By roKWiz - 8 Years Ago
This 77' White Road Boss on, looks well kept. 
300 small cam.
By Stretch - 6 Years Ago
That bed actually could come in handy.
By chocko - 8 Years Ago
Freightliner COE must have been a heavy haul tractor in earlier use. 18,000 front 6 spokes, and 44,000 rears.Joe D.
By Rick Knox - 8 Years Ago
If I bid on it and win, can you get it picked up and back to your place. Sounds like it's drivable. Being an ex fire truck it should be in good running condition.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 5 Years Ago
Harrison, the link is not working for me.
By Tony Bullard - 10 Years Ago
Eddy Lucast (24/10/2013)
It's gotta be somebody we know, anybody recognize the phone number?

Looks to me like someone's been working on it. The motor appears to have new fuel paint.

Yeah Mike B. in Springfield VT. Looks like he's selling it for someone across the river. Roger, was this one of Reo Joe's?

By Eddy Lucast - 6 Years Ago
Michael I can give you a little bit about it's recent past.

I was contacted several months back by the son of the man who bought it from the the WV newspaper company who bought it from Curtis.

It was recently sold if what I was led to believe is true and now is being listed at a 10% higher price.

It was moved to the corner of a big barn where it sat until now. The son inherited it and is selling his dads collection. I have photos of it in the barn. It has 85 Volt batteries so it was used to haul paper rather than coal.
I suspect several of us would have a really big smile if it sells for that price.
By Mike Harbison - 9 Years Ago
don't know about the engine,most likely a 220,but look at the rears,looks like Mack Camelback springs to me.
By rubbishman - Last Year
J.J.Kane auction found on FB. Worth saving I don't know.
By Kid - 11 Years Ago
just startin, but SS...

now theres 2..
By Wayne64SS - 9 Years Ago
jesus that's a steal. wish i could afford it! I'd buy it even though it's not leaktroit powered!
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
Bill Bradford, I sent you an email thru JOT. 
By dieselsteveo - 5 Years Ago
There is a used Peterbilt hood emblem for sale at a local auction house. Link below. If anyone wants it I will be happy to help pick it up and ship it.
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
for sale in oz  price   $60 000

this is a bit cheaper just $55 000

and this d/t for just $62 000   the owner will throw in the  WTF sleeper!!!!!!

By GregB - 9 Years Ago
55 IH wrecker-
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
I don't know the deal on these if this is current info or old. I wouldn't be surprised if someone on here does know.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
The cab story is BS. That is a neat truck though.
By Wayne64SS - 11 Years Ago
I seen that Freightshaker on CL too!!! Sumbitch is CLEAN, if it had a Detroit the pics would've been of it at my house. I aint afraid of a road trip.
By TomC750 - Last Year
A C600 would not originally had the "Lincoln" big block, but rather the smaller Y block. My '53 C750 that I owned for over 40 years had air over hydraulic brakes. I towed my '47 Fruehauf SS van trailer with air brakes with the truck. The combo worked great. Originally a 317, I replaced it with a 4bbl 332, removed the 5th over 5 spd, put in a 5th direct and a 5831 brownie. The changes made a different truck out of it. One of the nicest driving trucks I have driven. For some reason the '68 N750 I have today just doesn't match it. Not that many years ago I sold the 750 for 12K in near perfect condition.

The tractor which does appear to be a 2N is painted 8N colors. 


By rubbishman - 10 Years Ago

He also shows a '42 in very reasonable shape.

By rubbishman - 9 Years Ago
The dash looks almost all original, most seem to lose knobs, switches, etc. 15,000 gvw seems a little light if the thing gets loaded-up like most RVs do.

By chocko - 7 Years Ago
Scott the air cleaner assembly on the White 5000 is factory alongside slleper on drivers side. The bonnet on top of air cleaner does not look stock. Newfie (Earl) I have a White 5000 with 220 Cummins 10 speed Roadranger single axle for sale in Penna. a bit cheaper than that one.It turns over but I never had it running.
By Needle-Nose - 10 Years Ago
That would be a tuff one Steve, Id probably have a better chance of "Runnin the Rack" on 3 20 year old hottie's !!
By rubbishman - Last Year
A KW with Hall-Scott among at least a hundred other good ones.
By glenn akers - 11 Years Ago
[quote]kblackav8or (25/07/2012)
Anyone need 425A Jacobs Brake kits? I just bought one for my Big Cam. It is the entire kit to include the wiring and everything. Not much more then I was going to pay for a used set not long ago.[/quote] I am just guessing that kit would cost maybe 2000.00 in a most cases.
By Junkmandan - 10 Years Ago
The Jimmie's a rare beast with the integral sleeper.
By rubbishman - 9 Years Ago
Wish it was closer to CA. I'd be interested in it, not many of those out there anymore, especially sleeper cabs.

H.S. Blake
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
jim  the preservative in VB is  actually arsenic and if you drink it regually for 40 + years your body builds up a natural imunity lol!!!!
coolaide I ant drinkin no stinkin coolaide!!!!!!!!!
By Aaron - 9 Years Ago
Boat trailer got sold quite some time ago.
By Tony Bullard - 8 Years Ago
1935 Chevy tall cab in New Hampshire.
image 1
By Wayne64SS - 9 Years Ago
Found this ol 72 GMC 9500 for sale. Hopefully someone can save it!!! 8v92 13 speed on reyco.

ad's here:
By badgoat - 10 Years Ago
Seen at the Pioneer Valley Show 10/13
By Bill Bradford - 3 Years Ago
Jeff, If you're looking for a 5 ton M816 with a Cummins 250, I've got one for sale at a great price.

By Geoff Weeks - 10 Years Ago
Nice old trolley valve. Belongs on someone old tractor
By roKWiz - 5 Years Ago
Dima, would like that one.
By Wayne64SS - 10 Years Ago
Old White Tractor 9000TD

Ad says "you will get a good deal if you want to save it"

By Junkmandan - 9 Years Ago
On the pictures of Rick's Diamond Reo, you might notice a Heavy Chevy JH90 [short nose]  that's been sold to Brayden Tucker . Was an Indiana farm truck purchased at the Auburn show.
By kb3csw - 6 Years Ago
Autocar looks pretty good. Couldn't see the price on it though. Just curious.

By Aaron - 6 Years Ago
That DT is a very nice truck I'm surprised that it has  that low of a buy it now on it, Woodburn has a lot of stuff in Mt and is usually very high priced.
By GregB - 9 Years Ago
That Reo looks pretty sweet!
By Jim Rose - 8 Years Ago
This is a typical fire engine deal. They buy a pristine, well maintained, low mileage fire truck that has been kept in dry heated storage for its entire life and then park it outside to slowly rust and rot. When it is in good enough condition to go to China they then try to sell it.    

Jeff Lakaszcyck (9/20/2015)
This rare Buffalo fire truck showed up on ebay, This guy also has a bunch of M series military trucks for sale, but they are sort of on the rough side. Check his other auctions.

By Geoff Weeks - 5 Years Ago
chocko (5/15/2018)
Only difference between Astro and Titan is they used lock washers on the Astros. Maybe his trucks are clean but pretty high priced.

Never said it was a good deal, just not something you see everyday. As the saying goes, "I wouldn't kick it out of my stable" if it showed up!
By Wayne64SS - 9 Years Ago

By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
I think  later, that is, after White took over, they offered a new line of engines with replaceable sleeves. I will post the brochures on both lines next week if I remember to bring them here to scan. I forgot about the truck we are talking about being a 64 so you are right about the replacable sleeves. If this makes any sense at all!
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
seed your getting the hang of this interpretore deal!!!
By Bill Bradford - 10 Years Ago
I saw this truck at a show in Alabama. Nice truck.

By Kid - 11 Years Ago
ah oh............
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
I copied and pasted directly from the ad and thought the same thing. No "rack" on the Cummins. Apparently someone has dorked it up. A friend called on that and said it runs very smokey under throttle. I suspect those guys have no idea what they have and since it has been listed for a while and nobody as grabbed it, might be pretty much a bunch of junk put together. Supposedly has a KW bunk on it. Pictures are too poor for me to tell.
By Eddy Lucast - 10 Years Ago
Dan Jacobs (05/05/2013)
Why are they all so far away from me?I'm in Ct looking for a yard goat Anyone know of one?

My theory why they are so cheap on the west coast now is because of Califormia's new smog rules for trucks. They had a lot of older well cared for trucks still in use that were essentially outlawed in the state is nice unless you live on the east coast. As you know the cost of getting one home adds another $2500 to 3K to the cost.

What knid of yard goat are you looking for? Something made specifically as a yard goat or just an older truck to shag trailers?
By Wayne64SS - 11 Years Ago
I really appreciate the advice Wayne. I dunno that I want a truck without a Detroit though, otherwise there's no real point for me. I REALLY appreciate the help on the stretch, I don't have any kind of experience with that. It does not appear that they slid the one frame inside the other. The guy sent me some closer pics, whats your email i'll forward em over and you can take a closer look if you want.
By Wayne64SS - 9 Years Ago
These are local to me and look pretty cool.



By Newfie-Trucker - 8 Years Ago
this got spanky all over it  and there is a older white wrecker there also
By Skipped_Link - 8 Years Ago
The oil cooler is the same as my NTC350, (which lead folks to believe it was not a 350 aswell)

Yes it has piston coolers.
By Aaron - 9 Years Ago
Not me,I got enough here already.
By Aaron - 9 Years Ago
We came out OK if I remember correctly.
By throttle prop - 9 Years Ago
1971 WHITE cabover

1970 freightliner 380 cum,13 speed

1968 GMC crackerbox
By Aaron - 9 Years Ago
73 model year came out with the bulkhead door cabs,that would be in the neighbor hood of the last of the little window cabs
By Eddy Lucast - Last Year
By Junkmandan - 10 Years Ago
Do I see a price of $2950.00 for the "Duck" truck? Richard hasn't had it but about 3 years and must be tired of shifting .
By chocko - 8 Years Ago
Site for 1964 Freightliner is is in Oregon.I saw it listed on StraightStack truck site under complete trucks for sale.Joe D.
By delgue - 10 Years Ago
Good point Wayne. Majoring the KT alone would cost as much as replacing it with a redtop, a set of sticks and a lowleaf cutoff!
By Eddy Lucast - 10 Years Ago
I see one of the CARB rules for the fruitcake state in 2020 is no imported carbon based fuels unless they are 20% less polluting than CA produced fuel. Means they are going to have to fight over what oil is drilled in CA.

Better wake up LeRoy cause he's never seen a train wreck like this.
By John Frances - 8 Years Ago
Shop built twin engine tractor from the early '50s on ebay here.
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
jim the answer is   probably not!!!!!! I think that many are just fishin to see if its possible to recoup there outlay??
the bloke with the 9000 white has been postin a bit on the hcvc so I think he,s a wheeler , dealer!!
the money there askin is more than double what I paid for the day cab bubblenose and I thought long n hard about committing to that deal!!! but knowing its rarity and what it takes to get one shipped I was happy with the price!!!
i don't begrudge anyone makin a buck , if they find a buyer good luck because those sales if they happen tend to set the market price. shirlys gonna have to sell all this $hit oneday !!!! lol
By TonyClemens - 10 Years Ago
Believe me, I already thought about it. I might give them a call, at least to find out how much they want for it. I'm hoping to retire this year, not real ready to buy another truck, yet.
By Wayne64SS - 10 Years Ago
found this thing, lady seems super nice!

59 GMC 860 single axle.

Here's the CL add:

Hopefully someone here can scoop it.
By rubbishman - 7 Years Ago
By throttle prop - 9 Years Ago
in wiston salam nc...
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
jim just so you guys can get a handle on the old truck deal here
this truck

was one of hundreds produced by ihc over 10 odd years   b,c and d series all pretty much the same with grill and dash up dates
c160 cummins  5 speed fuller and 2 speed eaton rear. options  c175 - c180   and 610 r/ranger
bench seat, hyd brakes manual steering  good truck back then but basic!!!
there getting scarce now but pop up on farm sales as drivers for 2-3 grand !
the above truck owed the owner $20-25 grand and sold for above that figure
a nice resto but if I had a choice  what I would drive to alice   the pete would win in a heart beat!!!!!
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
It really is pretty straight. Had I spotted it 2 years ago I might be driving it now. I like 358's.
By kblackav8or - 9 Years Ago
There was that auction link I posted a week or so ago that had a similar looking Pete.  I wonder if it might be the same one and someone is flipping it?
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
What happened to the name on this thread. I didn't edit it. It should be "Seen for Sale"
By Eddy Lucast - 11 Years Ago
Kevin, Please ask him to post it on the Classified ad site.
By Slim 3979 - 6 Years Ago
rubbishman (5/18/2017)
64 D-R single axle dump. I'd like this one if I had the funds especially with that "geared transmission".

Hey, Mr. Blake,  on that 64 Diamond T dump truck with "Brake" wrote on the front bumper, just change the "R" to an "L" , get in her and drive her home.  Who would ever suspect anything??


By Tony Bullard - 7 Years Ago
Here's one in Eddy's back yard. I'll really be interested in this one but he say the original dump doesn't come with it.

By John Woge - 10 Years Ago
wayne graham (20/10/2013)
chocko (20/10/2013)
Wayne in add it said work slowed considerably. Joe D.
Boy there seems to be a lot of that going around. Sure hate to see such but things are really tough right now. I been in this racket 45 years last April and I am having one of the worst years I ever had. Wayne

Well Wayne......

Just think of all the good work we could have....if the morons would let us use more of OUR OWN energy.

By Aaron - 9 Years Ago
Kid,I'm still on the lookout for a 54 or 60" Merc, with twist handles.
By wayne graham - 8 Years Ago
Jim, I could not agree more.  I have witnessed the same thing. Guy here bought an old Ford engine that was perfect. I gave him an exhaust manifold for it as the flathead trucks used different than cars. Went over and helped him tune it up and it was purring like a cat in a creamery. They never touched it again and as you say it finally went to China. Makes me wonder why I gave away parts that are hard to find. Oh well.
By Park Olson - 9 Years Ago
In Sparta, NC,,,a Mack R685 ST 5sp. direct. Been a yard dog for several years, tin and hood look real good.
336-372-1918..........sign says $4000,,,,a little much maybe ?
By Rustoholic - 6 Years Ago
From Craigslist.
Not something you see every day.
1963 Studebaker Diesel Box Truck - $4999 (Oakland)

By Bill Bradford - 7 Years Ago
I never bid, I was only dreaming, again
By ScottM - Last Year
Wolfcreek_Steve (9/17/2022)
I don't know anything about this one, other than my wife says it ain't going to be mine!

That Autocar is awesome, and my wife says the same about it, shucks.
By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
Tossup: rat rod or scrap?
By C10 - C90 Bill - 10 Years Ago
Check out this GMC 9500. The Tandem Rears are 32,320. I've never heard of a set less than 34,000 before on a 9500. Also, I believe they have the Year of the truck wrong. It is listed as an '87, but I would say it is more likely a '77.

By grenfell34 - 6 Years Ago
c/list idaho1956-White-3000-COE-Cabover-Truck-w-Sleeper-Cab
By grenfell34 - 8 Years Ago
now this would make a great motor home!!!
c/list  n/y  under diamond timage 1
By Eprsplit - 8 Years Ago
1969 Peterbilt 352 Unilite cab, 12V71.
Watch the videos on Youtube, these kids are ether happy for sure.
By wayne graham - 10 Years Ago
Yhat is a nice old truck. I remember when it was for sale in Idaho. One thing I am curious about though is how they get double overdrive out of a 15. It is an extremely original truck and would be a real good way to get in the hobby turn key. Wayne
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
kblackav8or (25/07/2012)
Anyone need 425A Jacobs Brake kits? I just bought one for my Big Cam. It is the entire kit to include the wiring and everything. Not much more then I was going to pay for a used set not long ago.

I haven't checked to see if any are left. I got my box today. As described, 3 complete brake assemblies, wiring, throttle switch, studs, gaskets etc.

To say I am pleased with my purchase is an understatement. :D
By Eddy Lucast - 9 Years Ago
LOL, I bought one truck, told her I won it in a raffle and then I gave it away. Just how lucky are you?
By Geoff Weeks - Last Year
Tony Bullard (11/6/2022)
The brake system is probably a Bendix Air-Pac air over hydraulic unit the same as the lighter military trucks used at that time. It a conventional hydraulic brake system but instead of a vacuum booster it’s an air booster. The air boost pressure was also plumbed to the service gladhand through a ¼ turn valve for a trailer. There is no hand valve or foot treadle.

Tony, That is what I expected to find at first, but no, it had a suspended treadle valve on the firewall and must have a air over master in the frame. Some later Ford used that system for disk front brakes, and some of the British buses I worked on had a similar system of air treadle and hyd wheel end parts.
 The Ford system was called "air intensifier" 
 The truck in question was cobbled together with parts it never was designed to have. You can see in pictures where the firewall was cut and the treadle bolted in place. Have to look at the pics at the bottom of the ad to see.
 I thought of using and airpac on my K-7 but costs are high and not worth it.
By T.LaBotz - 9 Years Ago
Here is the story to go along with this truck.
By Wayne64SS - 10 Years Ago
Aren't there a few guys on here looking for old trailers? I stumbled across this ad today...
By dieselsteveo - 7 Years Ago
She is pretty!

Junkmandan (12/17/2016)
Steve------That yellow KW looks pretty darn nice for a ready made show truck at a reasonable price.   

By Needle-Nose - 7 Years Ago
Doug there were two KW plants in Canada at one time, the Burnaby plant closed in the mid 80'S and the Quebec plant is still in business but they only build the mid duty trucks like the T--300 sized units, they also several yr's ago built the Hustler mod. which out here on the west coast were primarily use for garbage packers. All the plates in the trucks built out here said Vancouver but the plant was actually in Burnaby, probably because the corporate office may have been on the Vancouver side. The plant was located on what they call Boundary road which was the border between Vancouver and Burnaby. I was just in a Vancouver built truck this spring that is still at work as a gravel truck and only it's 3rd owner. I remember it when it the first guy bought it new.
By John Woge - 9 Years Ago
T.LaBotz (8/12/2014)

Something to pull behind your toy.  Tom

Dang...after you buy the fuel to pull it...and the Kingsford to fire it...I'd be in the hole so far that there's no way to afford the meat !!!
By Freightrain - 11 Years Ago
I just love that green 56 KW. Man, that thing just oozes cool!
By Kid - 9 Years Ago
click it, save as, to somewhere like your desktop. the dbl click it, then click an html files. works fine , just tried it again..
By Needle-Nose - 5 Years Ago
"Someone who would care for it"......I met a young 19 yr old at a recent truck show that is just over the moon with old trucks and equipment and he bought several manuals and a couple of Cummins specialty tools as well as a few tid bits. He so inspired me with his enthusiasm that I told him I had some more specialty tools for Cummins & Detroit worth about $1200 and he could take em away for $300. So much better than in some garage sale after I tip over and he is very excited with the find. Hopefully when the time comes to divest myself of other possessions I have no more use for I will be lucky and run into more young people eager to get the stuff and make good use of it once more.
By Bill White - 5 Years Ago
I called the owner Mark he said it is a WB-22T and he said it runs great
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
Anyone need 425A Jacobs Brake kits? I just bought one for my Big Cam. It is the entire kit to include the wiring and everything. Not much more then I was going to pay for a used set not long ago.
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
This is of a related nature to truck stuff and might be of interest to someone in CT or nearby.

Basically the guts of a CB repair and modification shop.
By Park Olson - 10 Years Ago
Is that Bill Bradford's truck??
By Wayne64SS - 9 Years Ago
sweet looking K!!!
By rubbishman - 2 Years Ago
63 3000 tanker.
By Hamish - 7 Years Ago
RSell (12/11/2016)
1946 Dart 100 tow truck sitting at 625.00 on Purple Wave.
image for item L7494 1946 Dart 100 tow truck

That is a neat old truck. Another one for your stable, Jeff? I wonder who made these cabs?
By wayne graham - 9 Years Ago
Jim, I am afraid that you have a point about it getting worse. These golden years are really something. If I remember correct the unilite cab used the same door as the cabover. Wayne
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
I am no Mack expert by any stretch but that engine would appear to me to be a lot newer then the truck.
By Tony Bullard - 9 Years Ago

My son-in-law and nephew stumbled on this over the weekend in Wallingford CT.
More pix here:

The son of the diseased owner didn't know much about it. I don't see the "air shift" unless it has a two speed axle.

By ScottW - 9 Years Ago
1960 Westcoaster. Good running 220 Cummins, 5X4, 38 rears- spring over beam. replumbed air system, new wheel seals and bearings as needed. Still has chain pull parking chambers. New gear lube in all boxes. Sandblasted and new paint on all. $7250
Located Pendleton Oregon. Can e-mail pics. I formally owned this truck and its in good shape. Current owner is off on new projects.
By Aaron - 6 Years Ago
Thats the problem right there.
By wayne graham - 9 Years Ago
Hamish, I think that is not a short window unilite but the straight dash pete cab. forerunner to the corvette dash. I thought the 3406 A came out in late 74. we bought 2 new trucks in 73 and the cats were 1693 and I traded them for new in 76 which were 3406A. They were at that time only available in 360. The DI came out as a 380 and then 400. I don't think that is the original motor in that pete and I don't know what you could make out of the pre cup motor. Wayne
By Tony Bullard - 7 Years Ago
If you're fortunate enough to have a hill farm the cows go around the mountain and back to the barn never having to turn around.
By roKWiz - 9 Years Ago
Really cool truck. Great layout of the centre console.
By TomC750 - Last Year
Aaron (11/6/2022)
Oddly enough the 22.5's for Ford came out in 55 I have 3 sitting here in the yard.
I wondered about the air set up but i didn't see either a hand valve or trailer brake charge valve in the cab but the under pictures show brake line sat the rear axle, I didn't think the 332 was factory either but wanted to see what you guys thought.
Tom you don't happen to have that 5th over yet do you.
Aaron, Regretfully I do not have the 5th over. It was sold in an auction I had in NY about 10 years ago. And it was like new.

By rubbishman - 7 Years Ago
49 White Cummins
By hayseed - 9 Years Ago
You're correct about what a ROPS is.  they're Mandatory on all Mine Sites in Australia.
On Trucks they're usually a frame bolted to the Chassis behind the Cab/Sleeper.(It appears to be removed in the PIc)
 Ballrace Turntable refers to the Fifth Wheel.
3,5 inch is the size of the trailer Kingpin (Mandatory when towing triples)

Side Tipper Hydraulics, Mean they as apposed to end dump trailers they tip sideways handy with a road train as you don't have to unhook each trailer to unload. Side tipper have double hyd acting rams, whereas end dumps have single acting rams. thus trucks wet kit needs to plumbed different..

that old W model has obviously towing a set Road train of side tippers in a mine.

By Freightrain - 9 Years Ago
That bus is VERY cool. Can't imagine it pulling that kinda weight and getting anything near double digits on mileage. Maybe he forgot the decimal point? 1.1 mpg? sounds more logical.
By Jim Rose - 9 Years Ago
GregB (8/22/2014)
1966 Diamond T-

The 931F is as scarce as the 950.   Can anyone remember seeing more than a dozen of them in  your lifetime?
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
So far as I know it is intended only for Ebay and all it does is automatically place your highest bid at a specified time. Cost nothing if you don't win.
By Rustoholic - 8 Years Ago
I saw this on Craigslist and thought I remembered someone here looking for one. Says it has a VT903 which if if runs good might be cool in a hobby truck.

1982 Freightliner Cabover  $1,000

By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
1978 INTERNATIONAL TRANSTARodd spec?   on the truckpaper
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
I would buy that if I didn't already have a project I was knee deep into. That looks ready to enjoy.
By jhancock - Last Year
Brocky (9/13/2022)
My first impression was GMC not a Chevy, BUT it has a Chevy Bowtie on the hood.. Did Chevy market a few trucks of this cab design??????

Yes, Chevrolet had the same design available in the heavy duty line.

By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
Trash haulers here were famous for taking the doors off. I hated it!
By Jim Rose - 9 Years Ago
     Obama is going to award you Michelle and the girls since he has a new honey.
     I gave my wife your number and told her to be sure and weigh the old iron so she could get at least scrap price.

grenfell34 (7/11/2014)
jim since the gfc ive been tryin to do my bit for the u.s economy!!!!
buyin scrap trucks
supportin  motel 6
donatin to u.s customs
and boostin sales in budwiezer
I think Obama should give me some kind of award
p.s did ya give ya mrs my number???????

By ppsyclone - 6 Years Ago
Never saw a Stude of that era with Dayton style wheels.
By T.LaBotz - 10 Years Ago
Reo with a Mercury sleeper.
By Brocky - 9 Years Ago

It all goes back to the fact that in the mid 60's (before Diamond REO of May 1st, 1967) The White Motor plant in Lansing Mich (Formerly REO) placed whatever badges they had handy and/or what the customer wanted on many identical trucks built with a "mix and match" of parts from REO, Diamond T, Autocar and White.
By ScottW - 10 Years Ago
race car hauler, just what I need after a good winning lottery ticket!
By chocko - 6 Years Ago
Chevy MH 90 listed on Big Iron Auction sold for $5805.00. Truck was original heavy spec low miles drilling chassis.
By throttle prop - 9 Years Ago
grenfell34 (7/25/2014)
1978 INTERNATIONAL TRANSTARodd spec?   on the truckpaper

looks like a old bj sevices truck,..thay had a yard on side of interstate just east of dallas if i member right...
By wayne graham - 9 Years Ago
Dan, no offense intended but with the E Bay crowd you never know if something is sold or not. Just wanted Charley to be aware that it was possible but evidently not. Yes this guy has bought and sold a lot of transtars over the years. I wore out 3 4070's so I really don't want one but they were quite the girl in their day. Wayne
By wayne graham - 10 Years Ago
Guess I will never know. It was delisted before I got a chance. Wayne
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
This one is close by - half hour drive at most. If I was in the market, I would be interested. If I wasn't going to work back East in the AM, I would go inspect for anyone interested. If it is still around in a couple weeks I can look at it then.

1975 Pete 359S 1693 Cat 13 spd fair shape for its age $12,500.00 Open to offers. For some reason I'm having difficulty responding to craigslist e-mail. Please include phone# in reply and I'll call you back. You can call owner at 360-661-2750 leave message and phone#
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 9 Years Ago
Wayne64SS (5/7/2014)
easier to save it if you post the link! lol

Yeah Wayne, looks like enough hood to get a buzzin' dozen under it! LOL
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 11 Years Ago
VTMACK (19/11/2012)
I'm pretty sure the "1948Mack Dump" military truck is alot newer that 48 looks mid to late 60's to me. Looks just like the ones we had in Nam. Don't think those mirrors were around in 48 either.

Roger, it is a '52 or newer M series 5 ton. It could be a Mack, but identical models were built by International and Diamond T. Later model 5 tonners in the '60's were built by Kaiser or AM General.
By Rustoholic - 3 Years Ago
This looks like something someone here would want.

1950 Mack EH - OBO - $3,000 (Klamath Falls, OR)

By Needle-Nose - 7 Years Ago
If you blow the engine tag up it says a build date of 9/74, kinda like Johnny Cash's Caddy !!
By Brocky - 6 Years Ago
Thought it looked familiar??
By throttle prop - 9 Years Ago
1979 cabover marmon
By Freightrain - 10 Years Ago
Was that not in an article in WOT some time back? Or did I see it at Auburn or something? I remember that rear suspension.
By Aaron - 9 Years Ago
I happen to run into the people that helped build that one a couple weeks ago when I  was in Brads Liner on a test run, when they pulled up along side and waved me down.
By kblackav8or - 9 Years Ago
Spotted a wide hood for sale. I think his price is a tad high for what it is. Pretty nice unit though.

62 kenworth restored and is a working class show truck has upgraded turbo and injectors custom paint with hand painted pin striping Cummins motor dual 6" stacks tons of stuff done to truck too much to list serious buyers only I don't need help selling no spammers price is some negotiable has electric tarp also 970-800-twelve twenty 9
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 7 Years Ago
Not for me Hamish but I do have a friend who I think is interested.

No idea who made the cabs. Dart used a number of different cabs in the '40's including Diamond T.
By Hamish - Last Year
I would think the 332 V8 wasn't the original engine either-more likely to have a 272 Y-Block in a 1956 C600 from new. The 332 truck V8 that was offered in F700 and larger Ford trucks from 1956-c.1963 was based on the Lincoln 317-341-368 V8s. There was also the 332 FE V8 introduced 1958, but I think this was only offered in passenger cars, but I stand to be corrected.
By TonyClemens - 10 Years Ago
Nice KW. Reliable powertrain.
By badgoat - 9 Years Ago
Link for the one below
By badgoat - 10 Years Ago
1977 KW 900 A Seen at Tri-State Show
By wayne graham - 10 Years Ago
Needle-Nose (08/07/2013)
I can only hope that the "Missing Chromosome" that married up that combination end's up shoveling coal for the "Devil" !!! For a Kenworth man like myself for over 46 yr's, that will no doubt give me nightmare's for quite some time !!
Amen brother, I could not have said it better. Wayne
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 9 Years Ago
Is that a fabbed aluminum axle?
By Tony Bullard - 8 Years Ago
Bunch of stuff. some interesting.

By Rustoholic - 9 Years Ago
Diamond Reo Cabover

Not associated with it I just saw it on the local craigslist and thought it was interesting.

By Needle-Nose - 10 Years Ago
The "52-KW" is pretty neat, problem for me is with an 1100 ci. Hall-Scott, I couldn't afford to fire it up and drive to the end of my street and back !
By grenfell34 - 8 Years Ago
never complain about vintage truck prices in the u.s
this 760 dodge with a 185 v8 cummins is on the market for   $32000 au !!!!
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
An interesting piece here. On the plus side it appears to be mostly out of the weather. On the minus, there is a lot of work there to make it go anywhere. For the right guy it might be a gold mine.

1966 LW 923 Kenworth with a 1693 Caterpillar engine, comes with mounted 30 ton grove crane with 90 +or- feet of boom, would make a good yard crane, would be great for log cabins, pole buildings or maybe bungie jumping...$7000.00 OBO.
Email or call two 0 six nine 9 nine 662 nine
By 251 - 10 Years Ago
In Kansas, thought someone here might be interested?

1982 White Road Boss wrecker

Looks like a clean unit...
By dieselsteveo - 7 Years Ago
If it matters to anyone, that Dart did come factory-installed with a Cummins H and while I can't say with 100% certainty, the auction pictures of the engine match with a mid-40s H (compression release, cast valve covers), so it likely has its original engine, plus its been updated to PT (would've been built with single disc)

chocko (12/12/2016)
I just looked at the Dart pictured. The auction for it ends Wednesday 14 December 16. Bid is now $825.00

By Junkmandan - 9 Years Ago
Diamond Reo owned by Rick Paintiff, Medina, 30 miles SW of Cleveland..............NEO club member.
By Daryl Gushee - 10 Years Ago
Bill Bradford (19/10/2013)
I think Wayne hit the nail on the head. The problem with our truck hobby. You invest plenty of money and time which you'll never get back. The reason for the sale is at some point it will be sold, either by me or my family. My thinking was to put it up for sale while it was still "new". If it sells fine, if not I run it to every show I can including Springfield and not worry about it. Just wanted to test the waters.


Stand your ground Bill. If that beauty was mine, I wouldn't part with it for $100,000. We all know the amount of time and money it takes to put together a truck and trailer like that.
By rubbishman - 5 Years Ago
They are ex-City of Los Angeles bulk pickup trucks, old furniture,white goods,etc. the lowering so possibly a one man oprator could load heavy junk or whatever is set out at the curb.
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
doug glad you see the humour mate!
ive got a good mate don I stay with when im in the states but after 20 yrs theres still language hicups
one trip I flew in on Saturday stayed at dons that night and had a few beers
5am sunday we were down at pomoma swap meet - 9am its 100 degrees and we have been walkin up and down rows of stuff
for4 hrs , I was suffering from jet lag and budwieser withdrawels so I said to don  I need a spell mate im 'knocked up'
he stood there with a dumbfounded look and said  'what your pregnant'???????  lol
By Newfie-Trucker - 8 Years Ago
not connected to this one
By Park Olson - 9 Years Ago
For those that don't need a Peterworth or a Kenbuilt,,,, a '55 F500, V8, runs, 4&2 with later rear. with many new parts included,,
In SW VA,,,CL #4671944085.......$2500?
By Michael Yarnall - Last Year
This sold for $1325. Who got it?
By Aaron - Last Year
Oddly enough the 22.5's for Ford came out in 55 I have 3 sitting here in the yard.
I wondered about the air set up but i didn't see either a hand valve or trailer brake charge valve in the cab but the under pictures show brake line sat the rear axle, I didn't think the 332 was factory either but wanted to see what you guys thought.
Tom you don't happen to have that 5th over yet do you.
By Jeeperscreepers - 9 Years Ago
Someone's going to get a nice truck.  Wish I had the money.  Looks to be in great condition, fly out, drive it home.   Mike, I don't think it will fit on your roll back. LOL 
By Tony Bullard - 9 Years Ago
GregB (12/19/2014)
1959 FWD for 3500.00

It says it has a diesel engine in it. 450 Red Diamond engine.

1959 International fuel : diesel transmission : other title status : clean

1959 International FWD 6x6. 450 Red Diamond engine. Spare engine for parts included. 50,000 pound Wichita

Isn't the 450 a gas engine?

By badgoat - 9 Years Ago
Here's one from CL in Maine. 2 Chevys. 57 6500 and 53 6100. The 53 has a NAPCO conversion $1600 for the pair!
By Newfie-Trucker - 7 Years Ago
saw this KWopper sitting for sale not bad looking for its age
By GregB - 9 Years Ago

Saw this 1947 Fageol on craigslist
By Dan Jacobs - 10 Years Ago
Why are they all so far away from me?I'm in Ct looking for a yard goat Anyone know of one?
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
By Geoff Weeks - 6 Years Ago
I have DT402's  (2spds) in my Marmon with a 15 spd RR. But must admit it didn't come that way.
Looks like it has two things hanging off the stick, the one toward the front looks like an electric two spd switch, but you can't see all of it behind the wheel.
By Brocky - 6 Years Ago
Joe is right.. The early - mid 50's Brockway gas jobs I learned on had that kind of cable to operate the air shift 2 speed rears.
By kblackav8or - 8 Years Ago
Junkmandan (3/5/2015)
So, if any one on the forum buys it, perhaps Kevin Black could store it till arrangements were made to move it .

Shoot that is probably 400-500 miles from my house.  Not to mention I am 7000 miles away across the Pacific for a few days yet.  Momma might have some issue with me taking off on some adventure as soon as I get home.  I suspect we could find somewhere to stash it in Central Oregon for a few months if needed.  There are people a lot closer then me on the page here.  If I was home though I would help however I can.  I am only about 60 miles away from the Canadian border west of I-5 for reference. 
By kblackav8or - 7 Years Ago
Been driving past this truck down the street for months then it disappeared.  Looks pretty straight.  Now at a local auction place.
By badgoat - 10 Years Ago
Kenworth all wheel drive
By chocko - 6 Years Ago
My REO Brochure says the V-8 has replacable Wet sleeve liners.235 HP 440 cu in. I have a 1965 ? REO D-630 with this engine in it tandem 5X3 trans.
By Eddy Lucast - 10 Years Ago
If you're going to use these things, be sure to test them before hand. The auction site software packages have settings that ask if you want to block them from working.

kblackav8or (16/03/2013)
Auction Sniper. Costs a few bucks but will put your bid in within the last minute down to the last seconds depending on the settings you use.
By Bruce Ohnstad - 6 Years Ago
that 1935 Diamond T frame has either been stretched or shortened.  He avoided taking pictures of that but the pic of passenger side rear of cab shows the splice and a bar or pipe welded under the frame.  That would drop the price considerably.  The gauges of those mid 30s DT sure are beauties. 

By Wayne64SS - 10 Years Ago
That 68 won't last long. That's a DEAL.
By RSell - 7 Years Ago
1946 Dart 100 tow truck sitting at 625.00 on Purple Wave.
image for item L7494 1946 Dart 100 tow truck
By chocko - 8 Years Ago
Tony that is the auction site. I hope whoever gets it runs it like it is or restores it. Nice truck and wheelbase.Nothing sounds better than a 2 stroke Detroit. Some close seconds back drop manifold on a 743 or 855 Cummins,26 bits and a V8 Mack. Joe D.
By John Suckoe - 10 Years Ago
Ex tractor, gvcwr is also based on tires. Probably 34000 rear , small tires.
By kblackav8or - 9 Years Ago
They have a Mercury sleeper group on Facebook now. They seem to think any for sale are worth a mint.
By throttle prop - 9 Years Ago
gilmoreinc (04/02/2014)
This truck was posted on the internet for sale without our authorization. No further inquiries will be answered about the truck. Whoever originated this post should have asked us first. We have better things to do than spend our morning answering questions from people that are just curious.

i posted this on this fourm as i found it on a facebook page! outta respect for this fourm an these fine members i will refrain from informing you as to how big a horse's a** you seem to be! as long as ive been looking for a good raider,the old lady will be happy to cancel the trip to texas!
By Newfie-Trucker - 7 Years Ago
I seen this online  no relation ...

By GregB - 9 Years Ago
51 IH-
By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
By rubbishman - 5 Years Ago
Note engine description...Big!
By T.LaBotz - 10 Years Ago
73 K100 w trailer
By skeeter - 11 Years Ago
one here in charlotte nc...... JR equipment ....... 79 Flt daycab......if it is one i'm thinking it is..... has a double O motor in it........ still black with decals............ 704-393-8665 days....... 803-230-8229 nights...till 9 easterntime.....the transtar... more likely a 435...(green)
By Wayne64SS - 10 Years Ago
Found this thing I dunno if anybody likes Macks.... I guess it's a 68 DM600 according to the listing.

By Daryl Gushee - 10 Years Ago
Wolfcreek_Steve (13/06/2013)

I'm assuming this was at auction a few days ago

1933 Nelson - LeMoon

I saw this truck a couple days ago. It's now in New Hampshire.
By delgue - 10 Years Ago
Oh....pardon me Wayne...I understand now.Wow clear to the rails.Oh my....that must be one to see in person. its dang certain a labor of love. Is there any photos of that project on this site?
That tractor Deguitars is puttin together is way out of my comprehension....admirable at the very least....but simply so fAR BEYOND MY MEANS ....My mind cant even know where you all would begin! I guess it takes a LOT of coffee cans huh?
By VTMACK - 10 Years Ago
At least the guy was headed in the right direction, he just wish he had the rest of the MACK!!! lol
By Geoff Weeks - 8 Years Ago
They  obviously don't know trucks. The transmission model is for a 10 spd, but listed as 13, the rears are mislabeled, likely SQHD's not Hqspb's whatever that is?
By Wayne64SS - 10 Years Ago
I absolutely love that old Freightliner.
By terrier - 7 Years Ago
That Cummins data tag is a later job, and not like the original tag at all (except the location)  More likely a ReMan engine carried out by Cummins themselves using the original core and whatever else was usable.

   The W model came out in  '64, but you can bet they used up that old 900 cab on the others who had a need for the Kenworth other than mainland USA.
By chocko - 6 Years Ago
Geoff yes REO made inline 6 engines. The 6-200 400 cu in 200 HP was popular in the 60'sand 70's.REO was famous for making sleeved gas engines.

By carlotpilot - 5 Years Ago
if  some one wants to buy that one i have a 75 heavy frame tandem with actual 25000 miles on it  walking beam susp 34,000 ih rears pwr.steering  has a 446 ih gasser eng  complete truck just bad cab. rust those two would make a serious show or use truck
By throttle prop - 8 Years Ago   

1965 GMC Cabover - $3500 (Brookfield oh)

By Kid - 10 Years Ago
I thought it not too bad.. then I get emails about posting a 2 axle.. looked again,, and sure enuff, likes like one. Might actually be a good healthy truck, since its apparently an old hay wagon..
By Park Olson - 9 Years Ago
VT, I thought about a grapple deal after I posted above,,,,,,,,,
By ColoradoGreen - 11 Years Ago
1933 Ford Panel Truck 1934 REO Panel Truck 1936 Chevrolet Dump Truck 1936 Chevrolet gas-hauler 1938 IH D-model pickup 1930 Ford AA stakeside 1929 Nash converted to pickup (old, old conversion) 1946 Chevy 2-ton grain-truck 1946 Studebaker with poles 1946 Chevy 1946 Chevy Panel with later drive-line 1948 Dodge PowerWagon 1948-50 Ford Bubblenose 1948 Pirsh fire-truck with Hall Scott engine 1948 Chevrolet grain truck 1949 Ford bread-truck

By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
this needs to be saved 

By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
49 White he also has a survivor 41 K3 Harvester
By Skipped_Link - 9 Years Ago
1962 KW
By Kid - 11 Years Ago
there's a few more in the classifieds section.. y'all need to look..
By badgoat - 10 Years Ago
That would be $7950....
By rubbishman - 9 Years Ago

It's a VCO 190. Sure wish I could find one this clean for parts for mine.
By T.LaBotz - 10 Years Ago
1977 Pete 352 with a paint job. Tom
By Kid - 9 Years Ago
don't think he can buy it in CA anymore.... CARB is killing em..

Since CARB is killing a lot of trucks starting today.. here are some new shortcut files. Just extract all to your desktop, then click away. I did Pete,KW,FL and Ford9000 this time, with a 30K limit.
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
Auction Sniper. Costs a few bucks but will put your bid in within the last minute down to the last seconds depending on the settings you use.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago
It's a Lockheed "Twister", also known as a Dragon Wagon. They were developed for the military and first seen in 1971. There was also a civilian version. Eventually Oshkosh bought the rights to this vehicle and I believe they still build it.
By chocko - 5 Years Ago
Only difference between Astro and Titan is they used lock washers on the Astros. Maybe his trucks are clean but pretty high priced.

By Skipped_Link - 8 Years Ago
Looks like another victim of california smog laws, 

The price has already dropped $2k
By PZ 1 - 11 Years Ago
The lever has a hole in the end where a piece of rope normally hung from.

That is a nice truck.
By Hamish - 10 Years Ago
Wolfcreek_Steve (13/06/2013)

I'm assuming this was at auction a few days ago

1933 Nelson - LeMoon

That Le Moon is a wonderful old truck, I just hope it goes to a good home.
By grenfell34 - 8 Years Ago
hayseed (6/28/2015)
These 2 Westcoasters would seem a good buy .............
seed I don't do f/b  but that pic is a v 190 -200 ihc and A series mack mate????
this was mine

By Jim Rose - 9 Years Ago
I do not see any external fuel lines which makes it a 5 1/2 inch bore engine, 855 cubic inch.

Tony Bullard (7/7/2014)
Jeff it looks like a Cummins 220. It's a Cummind 743 cdi for sure. I see it has power steering. Paul said the tires are like new. Maybe we could get Eddy or Don Hancock to take a look at it. It's in their back yard.

By Jim Rose - 9 Years Ago
Ron;  I am sure glad that you came over. I had some stock in Anheiser Bush, Budweiser, and it went up in price while you were here.

grenfell34 (7/11/2014)
jim that's the main reason ive put myself thru so much  drama shippin trucks from the u.s
when I decided I wanted a vintage truck  a narrow nose pete was top of the list!!!
the few that came here in the 60,s have all found owners and most were beat to death
so a import was for me the way to go and I got lucky first time out with the 281
total cost on the road here was 1/4 of the price on that k model ihc
and I later discovered it has some history in the u.s  ex Hannah trucking Ivanhoe c.a
the cost to restore that  k model is not much less than a old pete
of course the initial purchase price would be less but drivability and resale  considered, a pete or kw is miles ahead!!!
what ive done is not for everyone but im pretty happy!!!!
I doubt ill ship  another truck but give your wife my name and number and tell her to reverse the charges!!!!LOL
take care mate!!!!!!!

By kblackav8or - 11 Years Ago
Driving around McMinnville, Oregon I spotted this one today. Sorry only phone pictures. Looks to be a former county truck, maybe a dump or flat. Pete air ride. 358. I don't know the drivetrain as I didn't stick around long enough to figure that out. I got the number off it if anyone wants to come to it's rescue.
By Park Olson - 6 Years Ago

  Has Jay Leno got room for that at his place ?

By throttle prop - 10 Years Ago
1980 flc hood 318,..on air ride...5000 bucks

1977 w900,.6v92,..$2750

1973 fla freightshaker,...8v71,..$2400bucks!
By grenfell34 - 9 Years Ago
c/list reno     12v 71

By Wolfcreek_Steve - 6 Years Ago
Larry cut the cable into pieces, hammer forge it into Damascus style knife blades. That'll give you a good strong right arm!
By rubbishman - 6 Years Ago
Now that's one that should be saved, hopefully not end up as a ratrod or the like.
By GregB - 9 Years Ago
Pretty neat old truck...
By kblackav8or - 9 Years Ago
Cam Lavin spotted a 1693 powered International Transtar on craigslist somewhere in the midwest.  Posted on the other site.  Maybe someone will spot the link.  That has to be a unusual combo. 
By kblackav8or - 10 Years Ago
I didn't know Mike had it for sale either. Sounds like it sold quickly. Hopefully the new owner maintains it in that spectacular condition.
By Tony Bullard - 9 Years Ago
Interesting door windows.