What Am I for Tuesday 06/11/13

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
Here is an early one with a well known name. Emblems removed, Photo from Bill White.

We're flying into Allentown tomorrow with Mrs WAI and my son, and will be at Macungie Friday and Saturday. Look for a guy with a straw hat and sunglasses drooling over all the old iron.

By clyde318 - 8 Years Ago
Look like Federals to me. Enjoy your trip. Wish I could be there.
By eymurphey - 8 Years Ago
1914 Willy's Overland --
By tamangel - 8 Years Ago
with George, Willys..

Mike W

By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 8 Years Ago
George has it, these trucks are 1914 Willys Overland models. This is the same Willys that, after several "rebrandings", would bring us the famous Jeep. Thanks to Bill White for the photos.