What Am I for Saturday 06/29/13

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 10 Years Ago
This one is a pretty rare survivor. Name removed.

By Stretch - 10 Years Ago
Pierce Arrow
By clyde318 - 10 Years Ago
Going with Day-Elder.
By tamangel - 10 Years Ago
I'll go with FLEET ARROW by Pierce..

Mike W

By wc62 - 10 Years Ago
Agree with Pierce-Arrow.
I am wondering if the radiator is the original one?
By Daryl Gushee - 10 Years Ago
Luedinghaus and Lapine trailer
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 10 Years Ago
Some days last is first, and that is the case today. Daryl Gushee is all over this one, this truck is a 1929 Luedinghaus with a 1922 Lapeer trailer. This rare piece was on display at the ATHS convention in South Bend in 2011, and is owned by Gary Trump. Unfortunately this is the only photo I have of it. Luedinghaus trucks were built in St, Louis Missouri from 1920 to 1933. Our photo is from the ATHS Forums, back in the good old days.

By John Frances - 10 Years Ago
More pictures on this page. Trailer is a Lapeer.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 10 Years Ago
Thanks John. I see the trailer is a LaPeer as you say. There is a mis-print in Showtime.
By Bill White - 10 Years Ago
A little about this Truck.

L. Espenschied Wagon    Co . 1843-1880 - Arensmann-Luedinghaus Wagon Mfg Co. 1860s-1880 -    Luedinghaus & Espenschied Wagon Co. - 1880-1930s - St Louis, Missouri

Louis and Henry Espenschied of 148 Broadway, St Louis, Missouri were German natives who first opened a St Louis blacksmith shop in 1843. They soon expanded to wagons and by the 1850s were making large numbers for pioneers heading west.

Henry passed away in the early 1850s, but Louis continued, renaming the firm the L. Espenschied Wagon Co. Mormon records indicate that for the great migration of 1853, the settlers purchased fourteen wagons for $58 apiece from Louis Espenschied in St Louis for their westward trek to the great Salt Lake. During the civil war Espenschied received a large contract for wagons and wheels for the Union Army.

Hanna F. Arensmann married a young carriagemaker named John Henry Luedinghaus on May 9, 1858 in St. Louis. Money was given to young John Henry from his in-laws to form the Arensmann-Luedinghaus Wagon Manufacturing Co. soon after.

By the 1870s both firms were specializing in heavy commercial and farm wagons and they decided to join forces in 1880 as the Luedinghaus & Espenschied Wagon Co.

Louis Espenschied died in 1887, but his sons and Luedinghaus kept the business going, which survived into the 1930s making heavy wagons, trailers, commercial bodies and motor trucks (Luedinghaus Truck of the 1920s

By Hamish - 10 Years Ago
In 1928 the Trailmobile Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, merged with the Lapeer Trailer Company of Lapeer, Michigan to form the Trailer Company of America. Apparently the Lapeer Company built the best automatic self coupling trailer on the market at the time. Also of interest, in 1932 the Trailer Company of America acquired the Highland Body Manufacturing Company of Elmwood Place, Cincinnati, Ohio. After Trailmobile closed the Highland Body Division in 1944, the former chief engineer formed TCM-Truck Cab Manufacturing Company in 1948.

By Bill White - 10 Years Ago
On the Trailer

Lapeer Tractor Truck Co.,       1916-1919; Lapeer Trailer Company, 1919-1928; Lapeer Trailer Corp.       division of Trailer Company of America, 1928-1932; Lapeer, Michigan

Lapeer’s automatic coupler was designed and patented by its president,    Sidney B. Winn. Winn (1881-1965)

On July 1, 1928 the Trailer Company of America was formed as a holding    company for the Trailmobile Co. of Cincinnati and the Lapeer Trailer Corp.    of Lapeer, Michigan.


Trailmobile’s president, J. Englander, would also serve as president of    Lapeer while Lapeer’s current president, Sidney B. Winn, would serve as    vice-president and general manager of both firms. Trailmobile’s    secretary-treasurer, Henry M. Wood, would assume the same position at    Lapeer.


By Daryl Gushee - 10 Years Ago
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

I remembered the trailer was a Lapeer but couldn't remember the truck name. I looked in my showtime from Southbend and thought I must be wrong about the Lapeer so put Lapine like it says in the showtime. Should have gone with my memory. Lately it is wrong more than right.