Need help!! Identify this COE
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By eymurphey - 7 Years Ago
Sorry for the quality, this pic was taken in California in the mid 50's and not 100% sure it's a COE. Anybody got any ideas? Picture is from Facebook group -- Automotive Memories ---
By wayne graham - 7 Years Ago
George, I honestly don't know but I am wondering if it is a Mercedes. Wayne
By clyde318 - 7 Years Ago
George, I believe this may be a customized GMC for Arrowhead Water out of California, from around 1950. If you have Donald F. Wood's book, "Beverage Trucks:1910-1975 Photo Archive, look on page 92. Sure looks like the same truck to me.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 7 Years Ago
That's some nice detective work David, that is exactly what this is. I thought I had that photo somewhere but you'll have to get a copy of the book.
By Park Olson - 7 Years Ago
Damn, Clyde, you're good, p. 92:P
By eymurphey - 7 Years Ago
I knew I could count on you guys of JOT -- thanks, I do have that book but didn't think to look. Here is the whole pic for the car lovers too --

And the picture from page 92 --