What Am I for Saturday 8/24/13

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago
Neat old tractor. Emblem removed.

By Daryl Gushee - 6 Years Ago
By tamangel - 6 Years Ago
with Daryl, HENDRICKSON about 1948 or so..

Mike W

By Bruce Ohnstad - 6 Years Ago
big nose Hendrickson. I'll say early or mid 1960s.

By wayne graham - 6 Years Ago
Looks like Henry to me. Wayne
By eymurphey - 6 Years Ago
Hendrickson for me too ---
By Brocky - 6 Years Ago
I am saying Hendrickson also.
By clyde318 - 6 Years Ago
I think we have a WINNAH ! Hendrickson. Am I nuts, or is that steering wheel on the right?
By ppsyclone - 6 Years Ago
I'll bet the negative got reversed because the stack is on the left
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago
Not only did Daryl have the right answer, but everyone agreed with him too. This may be a first. Our big Hendrickson appeared in a 1950 CCJ ad for Shuler Axles, and is a late '40's or 1950 model sporting the International KB cab. I'm sure Brian is right about the negative being flipped, I figured someone would notice that. Photos of Hendy's with the KB cab are pretty rare, the only one I could find is the red truck below from Bill White. The yellow truck is a 1955 R-680-F owned by Mark Kamp and shown at Macungie this year. Finally the green truck is Daryl's '67 or '68 model, and is part of his extensive full size reference library.





By Bill White - 6 Years Ago


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