1971 Walter

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By badgoat - 10 Years Ago
Saw this at Ballston Spa - Sept 2013


By waltertrucklover - 10 Years Ago
This is my friend Grant Roberts's truck. It is the twin to Tom Albrecht's U-Model. Both of the trucks were built for Stewart Air Force Base in Newburgh. They have a 903 Cummins V8 and Allison Automatic and came with a 27 foot wide airport plow and sander. Built for high speed runway plowing, the final drive ratio was reduced to give them a top speed of 48 mph. When the trucks were brand new, the airport crashed them into each other. By the time Grant got it, the sander was gone and it just had two jersey barriers on the back. He decided to paint it Guilderland Fire Department's colors and found a dump body that still said Walter 100% Traction on the back. He named it Wilma Walter and even made it a Facebook. Tom's truck was previously restored by Frank Ciavattone who replaced the airport plow setup with a v-plow and double wing setup and converted the downward exhaust to dual rear stacks. It still had the original sander at the time but Tom since turned his into a wrecker.