What Am I for Saturday 11/16/13

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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 7 Years Ago
How about a depot truck ? Emblems removed.

By eymurphey - 7 Years Ago
Chevrolet Pick-up
By Rocket - 7 Years Ago
Don't know about the truck, but that is a Shay geared locomotive.
By Stretch - 7 Years Ago
By tamangel - 7 Years Ago
Chevy and Shay

Mike W


Heisler fan here...
By clyde318 - 7 Years Ago
Chevrolet for the truck, not too good on locomotives, however.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 7 Years Ago
Chevrolet it is. This circa 1923 photo was taken at the Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway depot in California. The truck is about a 1923 model as well. The Shay locomotive is a real beauty, and we have a better picture of it below. Notice the observation tower on Mount Tamalpais in the background. George Murphey had this 1st. Our photos are from the Online Archive of California.



By tamangel - 7 Years Ago
Mt Tam is a California State Park unit. The old RR right of way are hiking and biking trails currently.. It was known as the crookedest RR in the world.. Gravity cars carried folks to the bottom without an engine...

check this vid out..


I lived there in the '50's and my wife worked for St Parks for several seasons more recently there.. a great number of car commercials you see on TV are filmed on their roads..

the building at the top was used for many things, currently a fire lookout..

sit back and enjoy this vid also..on full screen..


Mike W