Linn Yardstick
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By bond893 - 5 Years Ago
Kind of a neat piece of memorabilia for those interested:
By wayne graham - 5 Years Ago
That could possibly be on it's way to Maine. Would be great to kill snakes with. Wayne
By Daryl Gushee - 5 Years Ago
I can't believe I missed that.
By jhancock - 5 Years Ago
That is a neat piece. I have a ruler for IHC that is done like a walking stick and is also marked for McCormick Deering Power Farming Equipment.
By wayne graham - 5 Years Ago
Daryl, I was joking buddy but I really did think you probably latched onto it. Wayne
By Daryl Gushee - 5 Years Ago
I don't miss much Wayne. I usually check ebay daily for that stuff. I've been so busy I'm just trying to get enough time to eat and sleep. No time for shopping. Any way, looks like work may slow down to a more manageable pace for a couple weeks. This will give me a chance to finish the Gradall Linn..........I'll post updates in the Gradall Linn page. (look in the old snowplow section)
By Linntractornut - 5 Years Ago
I quit my ebay account to try and break the habit, but I still look from time to time, and missed that too, but already have several, I don't believe anyone else had Linn yardsticks made up except Linn sales manager P.W. Gould (pre 1939) and then after he formed a sales partnership with his assistant salesman Maurice N. Bridges, so they could diversify and sell Frink sno-plows and Walter trucks (as sub agents for J.C. Georg of Syracuse), and misc. highway dept. supplies. Gould sold out after WW2 to Maurice Bridges' brother Merritt (a.k.a. "Bud") but they kept the name the same until they dissolved in 1982. Now if you want to find something really rare look for a Linn tractor watch fob, they are rumoured to have existed but I believe peopel faintly remember the Frink vee-plow watch fob (those came in two editions and I've even heard some may be modern repros?). The only other Linn sales agency memorabilia I am aware of (besides Gould & Bridges calendars) is a Linn Tractors Northwest ashtray with a pot metal golfer on it.