My Condolences
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By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 6 Years Ago
I received word from Eddy that his wife Louise's mother passed away unexpectedly today. His wife's father had passed away just before Christmas, so Eddy and Louise have had a tough few months. Please keep them both in your prayers, as we will also.
By White9064TD - 6 Years Ago
My deepest and most sincere sympathy to Eddy, His wife and family on the unexpected loss.
By Tony Bullard - 6 Years Ago
My condolences to Louise and Eddy.
By jhancock - 6 Years Ago
Very sad news.  My condolences.

By kblackav8or - 6 Years Ago
My condolences as well. 
By chocko - 6 Years Ago
My Condolences. Joe D.
By Michelle Cole - 6 Years Ago
I know what she is going through. You and her both had my thoughts and prayers.
By wayne graham - 6 Years Ago
Diana and I wish to extend our condolences and deepest sympathy. Been there 4 times and I know it is not easy.
By Terry T - 6 Years Ago
In my thoughts & Prayers.