My 1964 Pacific
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By ScottM - 4 Years Ago
Hello All:

Things have been progressing rather slowly over the last while, although they have been progressing.  The cab is going through major surgery at the moment, the right cab corner was replaced, and the left cab corner cut out and awaiting some final fitting and welding.  Over the past year and a bit, the biggest project has been building of a new wiring harness from scratch.  Starting with a couple of rough wiring diagrams I developed a full diagram for the truck and began to assemble everything into a nice neat package, currently I am going through the wiring diagram for a final time to ensure that there are no issues and also checking the harness to ensure that it matches exactly with the diagram.

I haven't added photos for a few months, but you can see all of the progress on the truck at
By Stretch - 4 Years Ago
Nice looking work on the harness.
By chocko - 4 Years Ago
Coming along nicely. I have a 1970 KW 924 with the Rockwell drop in 44,000 lb. SRDD'S 5.78 ratio.Joe D.
By 1955 kw bullnose - 4 Years Ago
Looking good Scott. Goin to be ready for Cache creek this year? Ha.
By ScottM - 4 Years Ago
Thank you for the comments. I would really like to say that it will be in Cache Creek this year, but the chances are very slim. My plan is to get the body work on the cab completed in the next few weeks and have it off to be dipped hopefully by the end of April, once that is done it is time to tackle the chassis and have the majority of that done and ready for paint this fall. Hopefully the summer of next year can be sent doing final assembly and just enjoying the truck. Time will tell!
By jhancock - 4 Years Ago
You have quite a project going on!  Keep the updates rolling when you can.
By ScottM - 4 Years Ago
I am not too sure exactly what it is going to be dipped in, I will ship it off to a company near Vancouver, B.C. where it will have a hot acid bath to remove absolutely everything.  They will then spray it with a primer to match my paint specs and ship it back to me.  Once the cab arrives at my place I will be able to get in there with a turkey baster (or maybe something more sophisticated) and brush to make sure that the entire cab is fully sealed in all of the nooks, crannies and hidden spots.  

For the wiring, starting with the old Pacific diagrams that were found in the archives I created a new and complete diagram.  In an attempt to avoid having, for example, six red wires next to each other in the harness, a few changes were made, but I tried to keep as closely as possible to the original.  Some of the wire gauges have been increased, just for peace of mind, and well, because I thought those on the listed in the original diagrams seemed awfully light for the current that they were supposed to be carrying.  So I guess the short answer is no, the diagrams colours and gauges don't 100% match the original, but this was one of those times when I had no choice but to stray from original.  When it came to electrical components I tried again to stick with the original way of doing things, the Klixon circuit breakers were tough to find, but I managed to find them at an aircraft parts supplier, who was kind of shocked when I told them they were to be installed in a 60's era logging truck...
By ScottM - 4 Years Ago
Well i spent a bit of time tonight revising a couple of items that I wasnt happy with on the wiring. The power supply from the generator was upgraded to 6ga stranded from 8ga and everything tidied up for the final time. I think now I can say that I am satisfied with the cab portion of the wiring and will
move onto the next stage. Photos were posted on the smug mug page linked in my signature.
By ScottM - 4 Years Ago
Thanks Tony, the generator is a 50 amp model, and the main breaker following the ammeter (60 amp +/- readings)  good for 50 amps.  The 6ga is a bit on the heavy side - the 8ga would have sufficed (it worked in the original harness), but like you said, I did that for peace of mind, I will never have to worry about the wiring in this truck. When I sized this wire I roughly measured 15ft of total run from the generator, through the dash to the ammeter, through the breaker and then to the battery.  When I ran 50 amps through my table for 3% drop I was given 15 feet for 50 amps at 6ga, so the entire circuit (negating any component loses) should be around 3% voltage drop.
By ScottM - 4 Years Ago
Spent the last few days rebuilding the Kysor model C10100 shutter cylinder - I managed to find a new unit that was taken off of a 1972 Pacific, other than that one, and the one on my truck I have yet to see another. The original on my truck had a broken return spring, a missing boot and a bent rod, aside from a stiff and cracked boot the replacement was in good shape requiring only a paint job and cleaning. For the boot I used a chunk of inner tube from a wheel burrow cut to shape - it turned out rather well; I did find a company that will custom make rubber boots for shocks in Eastern Canada but I have yet to inquire about pricing and minimum quantities. Enough rambling, onto the photos...

By roKWiz - 4 Years Ago

Just read your linked site, that's nice work you're doing on the cab, dash and wiring.
Thanks for posting. Geoff

By ScottM - 3 Years Ago
Thanks for the comments Geoff.

Things have been slow in terms of the truck - had a bathroom to reno, but here is a shot of the new back panel for the cab cut, formed and placed in its approximate future home...
By Bruce Ohnstad - 3 Years Ago
looks good, Scott.  What kind of equipment is used to make the rear window border?
By ScottM - 3 Years Ago
I created a 3D model of the panel using Solid Edge, from that generated a drawing for the forming (has a small lip on the bottom edge) and also created a .dxf file of the plate's flat pattern, that was then fed into the local fab shop's plasma table to create the pattern, the last step was one of the guys in the shop formed the lip.
By ScottM - 10 Months Ago
Hopefully everyone here is doing well, it has been quite some time since I have posted here and to resurrect a post from the past I thought it was time to update everyone with the progress on my truck. The last few years have shown limited progress due to my work schedule and being on the road however with the help of my friend I have made some good progress and 8 years after cutting the cab apart it is now nearly ready for epoxy and mud.
By Jeeperscreepers - 10 Months Ago
Wow Scott,  really nice work on the wiring.   I like your wooden mock up idea to fit everything. 
By ScottM - 9 Months Ago
The wooden dash mockup was a real time saver - it has allowed me to locate and fill the extra holes in the firewall and drill any that were required while still allowing me to have a clean space to work in the wiring and dash assembly...
By ScottM - 4 Months Ago
Figured it was time to post some photos of my recent progress on here, I've spent a bit of time finishing off the body work and mounting parts making sure everything is drilled, excess holes filled, parts mount properly and is ready for paint. The frame has been dragged out of the weeds and is awaiting the road bans to come off in the area so that I can ship it to the welder's shop to get the frame extended and cleaned up. In the first photo there is an old Freuhauf saddle tank sitting on the back of the truck which I bought for the square pattern of tread plate that is used elsewhere on the truck in places like the battery box. The tank is in great shape and I am really hesitant to cut it apart just for a chunk of tread plate and have asked my friend with a mill to replicate the pattern of squares - if somebody wants the tank for their truck let me know, we could do a trade for some of the square tread plate, the tank would need to be picked up. Anyway, on to the photos, some of them are orientated incorrectly - something I despise about phones is how they add rotation data to images, some programs respect that and others don't - does nothing but cause headaches:

The heater mounted and a  lot of extra holes have been filled in the firewall:

Truck dragged out of the weeds and waiting for the wrecker:

New crawl through trim fabbed and installed:

Cowl extension plates installed:

Mirror brackets repaired and installed:
By Eddy Lucast - 4 Years Ago
What are you having the cab dipped in?
By Tony Bullard - 4 Years Ago
Scott I'm really impressed with the wiring harness. Did you try to color code it to the wiring drawing?
By Tony Bullard - 4 Years Ago
Looking good Scot. That 6ga should really give you peace of mind. 150 amps at 13.84 volts for six feet is only .36 volt drop. What is the generator/regulator max current, 100 amps?