1946 Federal ??

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By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
Hi guy's

I just picked up this nice old farm truck, it runs, but needs a little work.
It's a 1946 Federal, I don't know what model it is, would anyone happen to know where the serial/VIN # and model would be?
IT does "Run" but only from a 5 gallon bucket, i need to put a fuel tank in it. any other advice to get it ready for when that's done?
I also have no idea what some of the knobs and things do, like there's a round switch by the knobs you use to work the wipers.
I'll take detailed pics later of other things im curious about, see if y'all can help me
I'm also looking for a place to find parts for it, I need a few odds and ends and i cant find anything.
things i'm looking for so far:
-Drivers side wiper knob
- Springs for the carburator(throttle return, and choke)
-Gasket for the rear window
-1 federal hubcap
- Crank start handle
Thanks for all your help,

By Park Olson - 7 Years Ago
Hello, looks like a 16M, perhaps an 18M. There should be a data tag under the hood on the right side of the firewall, and an engine tag on the lower right rear side of the block. A Hercules JX E or B
Stuff is out there,but scarce  Tire size should be 7.5-20 for a 16 or 8.25-20 for an 18.
I have a 1947 18M2, with 2 speed rear .PM me for more info if I can help.
Park Olson
PS,,,,,guard that grill guard with you life....if your not sure of the year, I have info on serial ###.,,,,'46 should be between127347 &133126.
By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
Thanks for the info Park!!
I went out and checked, its a 16M with a JXEF Engine, I'm pretty sure i only have a standard rear end, i only have the shifter for the tranny.
I also managed to get the glove box open and found a old registration card. says the VIN # 1628081, I couldn't read the VIN on the plate, it was obscured by green paint. Would there be any other places the VIN would be, maybe the frame or on the engine?
Any idea what those switches are by the knobs for the wipers?
That grill guard was half the reason i bought the thing, I figured it was worth more than the truck. I've seen one other guard like that, at a antique shop in florida, i don't recall if it had a F in it, but it was that exact shape so it might be for a federal if that style is unique to them. I can get you the number of the place if you would like.
By Park Olson - 7 Years Ago
Going by my '47, the ## on the frame is located on the outside of  left front frame horn  over the front spring hanger.
It will give the Model designation ,serial number, a 3 didjet ## that is the wheelbase, followed by what I believe are production code #.
It's probably rusty there, use a wire brush and maybe some chalk rubbed there to bring up the numbers. They are obviously hand stamped and irregularly placed, hard to see. I don't know of another place on the frame
Don't know about the switches, more pic's maybe,,(hint)
By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
Thanks :)
I'll get a complete set of pics soon !!
By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
Alright here are some more pics of some of the switches i have questions on.
I Know the handle turns the wiper, but whats the other switch for?
The toggle and the light over by the speedo

this one sticks out of the dash, and pulls downward

And here is the data plate

Thanks for all your help :)
By Park Olson - 7 Years Ago
OK, pic's,,,,,beside the wiper lever is the vacuum switch, pull for on. The switch at bottom of the dash was originally for the cab marker lights. The light at the speedo' is high beam indicator. The toggle is an add-on.
By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
oh, well i had no idea it had Vacuum wipers or a high beam indicator, so that's good :)
it has a marker knob in the 4 main knobs on the dash, was that just for that parking lights and then the bottom dash switch for the additional ones on the top of the cab & such?
Any possible idea what the add on toggle could be for? I'll open up the top of the dash tomorrow and take some more pics.
another question, do you have a ID plate behind the visor on the passenger side? does it have a  different number than your chassis # under the hood? I'm trying to figure out where this 1628081 number on the registration came from as opposed to the 130412 from the truck data plate. i have a round plate there behind the visor, i can read "Federal motor truck" company and a"No." below that. but the number is obscured or very faint. i tried a etching, but it didn't work.
As far as i know.the serial #'s for federals were basically in order as they came out of the factory with #1 being in 1910 and #160000 being in 1959 as far as i know. how it got registered with a 7 digit # i have no idea
The Registration also says the Gross vehicle weight is 17500 compared to the 13500 on the plate.
you wouldn't happen to know the size of the engine, i'm kinda surprised it has only 75 horse. thought it was more around 105
Also do you have some form of heater in your truck, I seem to have none whatsoever
By Park Olson - 7 Years Ago
Paul,,,The tag at the visor is the cab number, as many were sold as cowl & chassis for custom bodies. Are you aware that the cab itself is a separate unit?  The motor is only 245 cubes. Don't know where 17500 GW came from, my 18 is only 15500.
The seven digit serial is a mystery, ain't it fun?
My truck has no heater.

By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
It's gonna be fun indeed :)
perhaps that cab # is the 7 digit one, i'll see if i can make it out today.

Odd that they don't have any heaters, thought they were pretty standard equipment by then.
By PaulRevere - 7 Years Ago
Nope, but its still there, I can inquire about it if your interested.

Also solved 2 mysteries:
The 7 digit vin on the registration is the serial # of the engine.
and the add on switch is a bypass for the ignition since the keys are missing
By Skip - 7 Years Ago
PaulRevere (3/31/2015)
Nope, but its still there, I can inquire about it if your interested.

Also solved 2 mysteries:
The 7 digit vin on the registration is the serial # of the engine.
and the add on switch is a bypass for the ignition since the keys are missing

By Skip - 7 Years Ago
My reply got trashed.  My '48 16m has a gross weith of 13700, and the toggle switch under the dash is for the interior light over the rear window.. My serial numberr is 141049.
By Tony Bullard - 7 Years Ago
Do you also get the Fairbanks platform scale which was on the bed of the truck?