CAT Brake Saver
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By Eddy Lucast - 6 Years Ago
Can someone tell me how the controls for the CAT Brake Saver work? I've never used one.

I see buttons and switches on the dash and a brake lever similiar to a trailer brake hand valve located on the shift tower
By Needle-Nose - 6 Years Ago
The two that I owned worked like this: dash switch operated the brakesaver the same way that a Jacob's brake work's in conjunction with the throttle and clutch switch's. My hand valve's were mounted on the left side of the steering column opposite the trailer valve, buy using the hand valve you can tailor the application rate of your brakesaver to suit the terrain you are coming down, from a very light application to full on. My truck's at the time were equipt with both the Brakesaver as well as Jacobs brake's and together had hold back that was very impressive to say the least. Another neat feture of the manual valve was that during warm up I would idle the engine up slightly, apply a modest amount of application to the hand valve and this would warm thing's up a little quicker. The plus side was 3/4 of a million mile's of trucking in B.C. with 6 axle's and no brake job's.
By Stretch - 6 Years Ago
It's been a long time, but you used the trolley valve to adjust the amount of retarding. The brake saver took a little while to fill upwith oil, and you eased it on like you would the trailer brakes.
By Dan Bruno - 6 Years Ago
Pretty much it. The trolley valve is for manual application of the Brake Saver. The switch on the dash activates a pre-set valve and operates as long as your foot is off the clutch and accelerator. Great systems, but they add quite a bit of oil capacity and when they go bad, they're damn expensive to fix.
By Michelle Cole - 6 Years Ago
Our 72 Freightshaker with the 1693 had the brakesaver. The retarder lever was on the right of the steering wheel. If I remember correctly it was on the dash console. I do remember it has a switch that said Auto/Manual. It also has a brakesaver oil temp gage and if the temp got to high you had to back off of it.