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By Park Olson - 6 Years Ago
Anyone know If any of our crowd are involved in that mid-west mess ?
By wayne graham - 6 Years Ago
Park, I live at Rochester ILL which is close to Springfield. New years Eve I had to wait for the water to go down and get 1 lane of 29 open so I could get home with the truck. Roads still closed around here and nearby they have lost 2 teen boys who drove into water. found their pickup and so far one body. The rest of it is west and south of us. I think the worst is now down around St Louis and south of there. 
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 6 Years Ago
How about Brown Dirt Cowboy? Anyone hear from him lately?
By wayne graham - 6 Years Ago
I haven't heard from Tom but he should be alright where he lives.