1957 FWD Fire Truck, finding parts/info

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By DelValFWD - 7 Years Ago
Hello everyone,

i am new to this forum(fisrt forum i've ever joined) and created this account to hopefully get some answers on a truck that i am working on. heres a quick story of how i came to work on this truck. i am a member of a local vollenteer fire company. we recently purchased this 57 fwd truck from the person that bought it from us 25 years ago. it was the first truck my company was able to buy brand new and had wanted the chance to buy it back when it went for sale. thankfully we were able to for only 800 dollars!! its in pretty good shape over all and didnt take me much to get it running(new coil/points) i am a full time automotive technician and really like older vehicles which is how i got to be head of the committee to get this truck back to its original luster.

now the reason im posting on here: i have the original service manuals that came with the truck so i do have some info. the problem i have run into is that just "googling" things or calling local parts stores really doesnt get me very far. this year our plan is to get it running and driving safely. i have found the carb parts i need and thankfully some one many years ago scribbled some part numbers down so i could find some brake components(wheel cylinders/wheel seals) but i am having much trouble finding any info on brake shoes or hardware, i have not looked for p/n on the shoes yet i did not want to pull the wheels until i have all the parts.

also any information on where to find parts/who to ask would be great as we are planning a 5 to 10 year time frame on restoring this truck, it all depends on how much money we can raise to do the project, so i will be needing way more parts then just brake parts. im not entirely sure whats fwd or intenational/ who makes the body or frame. thankyou for any info provided

heres what i know it has

engine is model number RD-501
truck model may be  s-750
chasis number is D 80339  

By chocko - 7 Years Ago
Most any heavy duty parts house should help on finding parts for you. If you have a NAPA Heavy Truck Parts Store near you and a good partsman they have a good inventory I have found out. Joe D.
By Junkmandan - 7 Years Ago
You give us no clue as to what part of the world you're at, as help could be just around the corner.  Heavy truck jobbers are around many larger cities, your local NAPA store may surprise you and International dealers should be able to source parts for you as well .
By Wolfcreek_Steve - 7 Years Ago
Clintonville Four Wheel Drive (FWD) has been absorbed by Seagrave, but they are still building fire trucks in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Back in 57, the axles may have been made in house, but I suspect brake parts would have been supplied by one of the large brake manufacturers.
I would contact Seagrave and see if they have parts lists/numbers for your truck.  http://seagrave.com
By Tony Bullard - 7 Years Ago
If you will post dimensions of the linings with hole locations on the "A" face I may be able to find the FMSI (Friction Materials Standards Institute) number which can lead to the part number. Also I'll need the brake drum Inside diameter. 

EDIT: A picture of the shoe/lining assembly might help also.