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By Geoff Weeks - 3 Years Ago
Regardless where you come down on the LGBT issue, A moment of thought and reflection should go the people in Orlando. As the rhetoric of hate and divisiveness ramps up this election cycle, it may in power more nuts to act out. It is a sad day for our country.
By wayne graham - 3 Years Ago
Geoff, I could not agree more. I just hope this country wakes up to the damage coming from within. Most every one has a book on the coffee table that explains how we are supposed to live. Unfortunately most do not read it nearly enough.
By Jeff Lakaszcyck - 3 Years Ago
I'm still having trouble comprehending not only that such a horrific attack could take place, but that it happened only an hour away. Our country is at war with an enemy who walks among us. If this could happen in Orlando it could happen anywhere.  We are praying for all the families and friends who are left behind. 
By Slim 3979 - 3 Years Ago
Well said, guys.  We agree.

By John Dameron - 3 Years Ago
It's bad that the country has came down to this but I am convinced that these acts of terrorism and hate are being advocated and taught in Mosques right here in the United States.
By wayne graham - 3 Years Ago
Unfortunately I fear that you are correct my friend. Truly a sad state of affairs.