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Many truck makes are featured in the What Am I, such as Acme, Ahrens-Fox, Alco, American LaFrance, Armleder, Atterbury, Atlas, Autocar, Available, Baker, Biederman, Brockway, Brown, Buick, Cadillac, Caterpillar, Chevrolet, Chicago, Chrysler, Cline, Clydesdale, Coast, Commerce, Cook Bros, Corbitt, Couple Gear, Crossley, Crown, C.T. Electric, Cushman, Dart, Day Elder, Defiance, DeMartini, Denby, Desoto, Diamond T, Diamond Reo, Differential, Divco, Dixon, Doane, Dodge, Dorria, Douglas, Duesenberg, Duplex, Eisenhauer, E & L, Erskine, Esco, Euclid, Fabco, Fageol, Fargo, Federal, Fischer, Flanders, Flxible, FMC, Ford, FWD, Freeman, Freightliner, Garford, Gar Wood, Gary, Gersix, Giant, GMC, Goodyear, Godfredson, Grabowski, Graham Bros, Gramm, Grass Premier, Gray, Grumman, Guilder, Hahn, Harley-Davidson, Harvey, Hayes, Hewitt, Highway, Howe, Hug, Hupmobile, Hurlburt, Ibex, International, Indiana, Isco, Jackson, Jarrett, Jeep, Jeffery, Jumbo, Kaiser, Kalamazoo, Kelly-Springfield, Kenworth, Kimball, Kissel, Kleiber, Knox, Knuckey, LaFrance-Republic, LaPeer, Larrabee, Lectra-Haul, LeMoon, Liberty, Lincoln, Linn, Little Giant, Locomobile, Lombard, Luedinghaus, Luverne, Maccar, MacDonald, Mack, Marmon, Marmon-Herrington, Master, Maxi, Maxim, Maxwell, MCI, Menominee, Michigan, Militor, Moreland, Murty Bros, Napoleon, Nash, Netco, Old Hickory, Old Reliable, Olsmobile, Olympic, Oneida, Oshkosh, Pacific, Packard, Paige, Pak-Age-Car, Parker, Patriot, Peerless, Peterbilt, Pirsch, Pickwick, Pierce, Pierce-Arrow, Plymouth, Pontiac, Powell, Pullman, QMC, Rainier, Rambler, Rapid, Rehberger, Relay, Reliance, Republic, Reo, Riker, Rockne, Rowe, Ruggles, Rumely, Sampson, Sandow, Sanford, Saurer, Schacht, Seagrave, Sears, Selden, Service, Signal, Silver Eagle, Six-Wheel, Spangler, Spartan, Southern, Standard, Stanley Steamer, Star, Stearns-Knight, Sternberg, Sterling, Sterling-White, Stewart, Studebaker, Stutz, Super Truck, Taylor-Dunn, Teledyne, Terraplane, Texan, Thomas, Thorne, Tiffin, Titan, Trabold, Traffic, Transport, Trivan, Trojan, Truckstell, Twin City, Twin Coach, Union, U.S., USA, Velie, Versare, Victor, Vim, Wabco, Wachusett, Walker, Walter, Ward LaFrance, Watson, Wayne, Westcoaster, White, Wichita, Wilcox, Will, Willys, Wilson, Winnebago, Winter, Wisconsin, Wittenburg, Witt-Will, Wolfwagon, Yellow Cab, Yellow Coach, and Zeiligson.
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What Am I for Monday 8/28/2023

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  • What Am I for Monday 8/28/2023

    This truck is going back to nature.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	What Am I 5672.jpg
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        Marmon Herington military


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          Autocar here also


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            Yup, this is an Autocar. This rare 4x4 Acar S170 may have been built in 1938 as a plow truck for the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company. The salted roads did this truck no good as it sits with a severely rusted and broken frame. Hamish had this first.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	What Am I 5672A Autocar c1938 S170 4x4 JL (10).jpg
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Name:	What Am I 5672B Autocar c1938 S170 4x4 JL (2).jpg
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Name:	What Am I 5672C Autocar c1938 S170 4x4 JL (4).jpg
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