Truck Makes Seen In the What Am I.

Many truck makes are featured in the What Am I, such as Acme, Ahrens-Fox, Alco, American LaFrance, Armleder, Atterbury, Atlas, Autocar, Available, Baker, Biederman, Brockway, Brown, Buick, Cadillac, Caterpillar, Chevrolet, Chicago, Chrysler, Cline, Clydesdale, Coast, Commerce, Cook Bros, Corbitt, Couple Gear, Crossley, Crown, C.T. Electric, Cushman, Dart, Day Elder, Defiance, DeMartini, Denby, Desoto, Diamond T, Diamond Reo, Differential, Divco, Dixon, Doane, Dodge, Dorria, Douglas, Duesenberg, Duplex, Eisenhauer, E & L, Erskine, Esco, Euclid, Fabco, Fageol, Fargo, Federal, Fischer, Flanders, Flxible, FMC, Ford, FWD, Freeman, Freightliner, Garford, Gar Wood, Gary, Gersix, Giant, GMC, Goodyear, Godfredson, Grabowski, Graham Bros, Gramm, Grass Premier, Gray, Grumman, Guilder, Hahn, Harley-Davidson, Harvey, Hayes, Hewitt, Highway, Howe, Hug, Hupmobile, Hurlburt, Ibex, International, Indiana, Isco, Jackson, Jarrett, Jeep, Jeffery, Jumbo, Kaiser, Kalamazoo, Kelly-Springfield, Kenworth, Kimball, Kissel, Kleiber, Knox, Knuckey, LaFrance-Republic, LaPeer, Larrabee, Lectra-Haul, LeMoon, Liberty, Lincoln, Linn, Little Giant, Locomobile, Lombard, Luedinghaus, Luverne, Maccar, MacDonald, Mack, Marmon, Marmon-Herrington, Master, Maxi, Maxim, Maxwell, MCI, Menominee, Michigan, Militor, Moreland, Murty Bros, Napoleon, Nash, Netco, Old Hickory, Old Reliable, Olsmobile, Olympic, Oneida, Oshkosh, Pacific, Packard, Paige, Pak-Age-Car, Parker, Patriot, Peerless, Peterbilt, Pirsch, Pickwick, Pierce, Pierce-Arrow, Plymouth, Pontiac, Powell, Pullman, QMC, Rainier, Rambler, Rapid, Rehberger, Relay, Reliance, Republic, Reo, Riker, Rockne, Rowe, Ruggles, Rumely, Sampson, Sandow, Sanford, Saurer, Schacht, Seagrave, Sears, Selden, Service, Signal, Silver Eagle, Six-Wheel, Spangler, Spartan, Southern, Standard, Stanley Steamer, Star, Stearns-Knight, Sternberg, Sterling, Sterling-White, Stewart, Studebaker, Stutz, Super Truck, Taylor-Dunn, Teledyne, Terraplane, Texan, Thomas, Thorne, Tiffin, Titan, Trabold, Traffic, Transport, Trivan, Trojan, Truckstell, Twin City, Twin Coach, Union, U.S., USA, Velie, Versare, Victor, Vim, Wabco, Wachusett, Walker, Walter, Ward LaFrance, Watson, Wayne, Westcoaster, White, Wichita, Wilcox, Will, Willys, Wilson, Winnebago, Winter, Wisconsin, Wittenburg, Witt-Will, Wolfwagon, Yellow Cab, Yellow Coach, and Zeiligson.
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What Am I for Friday 9/08/2023

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  • What Am I for Friday 9/08/2023

    There are two trucks here, can you get them both ? Photo from the late Edgar Browning.

    Click image for larger version

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    Autocar and Brockway.


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      Mack and Brockway


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        Mack & Brockway


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          The one on the left is a Federal.


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            Changing to Federal and Brockway.


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              The one on the left is a Federal, and the one in the rear is a Brockway. The big Federal tandem mixer was owned by Clemente Bros, and the Brockway most likely was too. The Brockway appears very similar to this beautiful 1940 Brockway that was at Macungie and owned by Stan Zuba. The Clemente Bros photos are from the late Edgar Browning, and I photographed the Brockway.

              Click image for larger version

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