We're back. We still don't know what happened to the forums provider we were using. In either case we're here.

This software has some excitiing features that have been on our wish list, for starters "Thumbnails" and a lot more space to fill up. One item I'm excited about is its ability to create photo galleries. Hanks is no more and we're a long ways from being Hanks but it all started somewhere. As an example each sub-forum, i.e. PeterJ's or What Am I has a photo gallery that includes every photo posted in that sub-forum. Take a look, go to PeterJ's Place and click the photo link at the top of the forum. Next click on a photo and scroll sideways to see each photo full size.

We're in the process of bringing the Library and the Old Snow Plow site over now.

We're learning as we go.

To post a calendar event. Go to PeterJ's Place and create a new topic. Tell us about the calendar event and select the calendar icon from the toolbar fill out the dates and post. It appears in PeterJs Place and in the calendar

To post a poll works much the same as a calendar event. Create a new message select the poll icon from the toolbar and fill out the fields.

To view a thread with the newest messages on top click on the very small arrow at located to the right side of the thread listing.

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